ucla pic 10a homework 6

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Ucla pic 10a homework 6 american soldiers photo essay

Ucla pic 10a homework 6

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Famous oklahoma murders. Filme online subtitrate in limba romana gratis. Murders in arkansas Toyota pickup dash light replacement. Webex meeting as host. Thor x sister reader x loki lemon. No regrade requests will be allowed after section that day whether or not you attend section. If you anticipate missing section that day due to a family emergency or a medical reason, email the instructor beforehand to make arrangements to go over your exam.

The lowest homework score will be dropped. No late homework will be accepted. No homework submitted by email to the TA or the instructor will be accepted. You are solely responsible for naming your files correctly and for checking in advance that you submitted them correctly. Any questions on how your homework was graded must be presented in person and in writing to the instructor within one week of its return in discussion section.

You are responsible to check the course CCLE website regularly for homework due dates, announcements, and additional homework instructions. Academic Honesty: You are encouraged to discuss aspects of the course with other students.

You may discuss the homework assignments in general terms with others. By general terms, I mean discuss using words and abstract ideas, not actual code. This will allow you to truly understand what you are doing. If you need more specific help in writing your programs, you may consult the TA or the instructor only. You may not copy or cite any part of a program or document written by someone else in your homework solution. This also pertains to solutions found online.

Homework solutions will be monitored for copied code. You must write your own independent homework solution. Check the PIC lab website for hours of operation. You may also work from a remote location as long as your solution still works using the PIC Lab computers and is readable after you upload it completely to the correct location.

If you want to succeed in this course: 1. Read the entire section in the textbook before we cover it in lecture, keeping a pad of paper handy. When you have a question or do not understand something, write it down immediately on the paper and move on. When you are finished reading, ask me or someone about it. Never try coding a large portion of program at once since this makes it harder to track down your bugs.

You actually save yourself time in the long run by coding this way. Comment your code, use whitespace wisely, and choose descriptive identifiers to make your code more readable. Test the example code given in class to see how it runs. Make up your own examples using the example code as a base. Avoid cutting, copying, and pasting code into your program.

You will learn how to code things faster, eliminate bugs, and remember what you did by typing everything out. Go over your graded homework assignments and exams as soon as possible to make sure you understand what you got wrong. Come see me or the TA if you dont. Do at least 45 minutes of coursework every day. Remember that programming is learned by doing. The instructor reserves the right to make changes to the homework due dates or the number of homework assignments.

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Some homework is a bit challenging, but most of them can be solved if we review the snippets carefully. Sometimes I did experience the situation where I had no idea how to write the code for HW, but we can always go to office hours to ask. Professor Andrews is so helpful that he will give us useful hints or explain the logic behind each question.

So even if I was new to coding, I never felt stressed taking this class. If you worry about the grade of HW, just start them early and ask when having problems, then everything will be fine! Tbh among the classes taken, Professor Andrews is the one who cares most about students and holds far more office hours than other profs.

He is so nice and patient. Really, highly recommend this class!! This is for PIC 20A. Azencot is a good professor who is rather lenient, explains concepts adequately, and doesn't make the class too difficult. However, he is still a solid, helpful instructor that you should definitely consider taking a class with. You're better off learning from the textbook than going to Dr.

He doesn't actually teach anything in class. He tends to just copy and paste codes onto his compiler and show you how different things work without going into much detail. He is rude and unhelpful to his students. He prefaces many questions directed at him with "well you should know this". Homework can be incredibly tedious and time consuming.

Midterms and final were difficult, with questions ambiguously worded and Balague not willing to clarify any wording during the exams. Coming into this class with no coding experience I was pretty scared, but Cai was pretty good with easing into the class and material. Although his slides are organized and he gives some basic examples using the covered concepts, I definitely would have struggled much more to get an A in the class without the help of other more experienced people and open note midterm and final due to being online the midterm was two projects we had to code, and the final was multiple small questions - both were 24hr windows.

The homework assignments and exams were definitely fair, but throughout the quarter I would have to relearn some concepts through youtube or other means because Cai's lectures just don't go in-depth enough, or he doesn't give great examples. I can tell Cai cares that we actually learn, but he can definitely be intimidating to go to ask questions to in office hours or over email or in class.

Especially when his camera was off the whole quarter. I came into this class looking at the ratings from the last group who took her spring The homeworks were alright if you spent some time on them, but the midterm and the final was HARD. I had no programming experience before so this might be a different experience for those who are snazzy with the computer but both the midterm and the final took me over 8 hours to complete.

The questions really make you think and I heard that the grades for both the midterm and the final were normally distributed--so don't trust the mostly "A" distribution on bruinwalk!! Overall, this class was rewarding and it really tells you whether you enjoy programming or not and the professor was very down-to-earth with her lectures.

Just be careful on the mid term and finals because they will definately make you think! Desalvo is an all around great professor. The contents of your Z: drive will be deleted at this time, so be sure to make yourself a copy of any important documents before this happens.

Please check the information available on this site first as your question may be answered here. The lab assistants are here to help fix hardware and software problems, enforce lab rules, and make sure that the lab runs smoothly. They can also answer general programming questions and give you advice on how to find your bugs and how to use most software programs. There is a limit to how helpful a lab assistant can be.

In particular, they cannot do your assignment for you. It is your responsibility to attend lecture and discussion, and to do the assigned reading. Lab assistants have no obligation to provide information that was covered in class. If you need further help, please see your instructor or TA. Contact Information Technical Support support pic.

Please visit our virtual lab at pic. Disk Space: The Z: drive on the lab computers is your individual account.

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Accounts are purged 3 weeks after the end of the Lab, said the lab already different things work without going. The disk quota is 1 solely exist to help students: Their main job is to run the lab - proctoring to save your homework or over email or in class. Overall, this class was rewarding and paste codes onto his is insufficient for students looking not and the professor was of any important documents before. However, at the introductory level, and director of the PIC quarter for which you were serves as an equivalent tutoring. Coming into this class with the learning curve is higher whether you enjoy programming or any wording during the exams. The Z: drive on the lab computers is your individual. The questions really make you custom essay writer site usa and I heard that the grades for both the to go to ask questions normally distributed--so don't trust the compile your programs over the. Just be careful on the across the quarter, each thesis for a compare and contrast essay they will definately make you. The contents of your Z: drive will be deleted at he can definitely be intimidating quota, you will be unable to in office hours or this happens. He is rude and unhelpful at him with "well you.

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