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Teacher cover letter examples research paper on technology research paper on technology

Teacher cover letter examples

Follow our six-step process to create an optimised teaching cover letter ticks all the boxes. Just as you would when meeting someone in person, you should introduce yourself at the beginning of your cover letter.

After introducing yourself, provide a concise overview of your knowledge and expertise. Ensure your cover letter draws attention to your key selling points. For example, do you have a track record of generating high grades? Have you been presented with awards for teaching? These are key selling points that make you stand out. Highlight a small number of your key skills that are relevant to teaching.

Consider providing examples of times you have used the skills to achieve positive outcomes. View our comprehensive guide to teacher skills and how to demonstrate them. Bring your cover letter to a close by thanking the reader for their time and stating that you look forward to hearing from them. Here we detail the five most important skills for teachers and how to show them on your cover letter.

What are the most important skills for teachers? As teaching is basically about expressing ideas to students, communication is one of the most important skills for teachers. However, a great way of reinforcing your communication skills on your cover letter is to ensure the letter conveys your message in a concise, professional manner.

After all, your cover letter is a form of communication between yourself and the reader. Take a look at the teacher cover letter samples in this guide. Note how they communicate with the reader clearly and professionally. When preparing your own cover letter, ensure to use professional writing to demonstrate your communication skills.

Teachers who are enthusiastic often get better results in the classroom. This is largely because teaching with enthusiasm inspires students to embrace education. To show your enthusiasm on your cover letter, simply ensure your passion for your profession comes across.

Teachers are leaders. The ultimate goal of leaders is to generate results. So demonstrate the successes you achieved while leading in the classroom. In order to effectively manage classrooms and maintain teaching standards, teachers should have sound organisation skills. How do you show your organisation skills on your cover letter? Touch on your experiences completing tasks within timescales and managing multiple tasks simultaneously.

You may want to provide examples of times you optimised efficiency via organisation. Another way of drawing attention to your organisation skills is to highlight new systems you implemented to help you manage more effectively, such as new software systems. All teachers understand the importance of patience in the classroom. Disruptive students and a lack of respect are the type of issues that may test the patience of teachers.

A simple way to illustrate your patience is to touch on your conflict management capabilities and your ability to maintain your composure under pressure. When touching on your education details, consider expanding to showcase your expertise and skills. For example, you may want to draw attention key projects or modules you undertook. Furthermore, draw attention to any paid or non-paid work that is related to teaching, such as work as a nanny, librarian, tutor etc.

Writing about such work will enable you to demonstrate key transferable skills. Take a look at the teacher cover letter sample below to see how we presented the individual as an ideal candidate for the job, despite having no experience in teaching. When it comes to writing your cover letter, professionalism is key.

Always make sure that your CV is up to date, and relevant to the needs of the employer. Any CV or cover letter you send, whether speculative or for an advertised position, needs to be sympathetic to each different context. Your cover letter, the person specification, and the job description are pieces of a complex jigsaw. Look up Ofsted reports, local news reports, school performance information.

All these pieces combined make the picture on the box, and you need to take the whole thing into account. Employers know there might be no ideal match, but to get yourself on a shortlist, and be invited for interview, you need to present yourself as close a fit as you can.

Explain a problem that you were aware of, how you intervened and what the situation is now like as a result. What would they be looking for if they were recruiting for a similar role? Be prepared to start again, if necessary, so allow time within the process for this to happen.

Dig deep into your motives, your letter needs to reflect the factors in education that really drive you. Think about what makes you smile at work and make sure you put that in. Looking for a job? Browse Guardian Jobs for your next career step. CV and cover letter examples Guardian Careers.

CV and cover letter examples for teachers. View vacancies across all teaching levels at Guardian Jobs. CV and cover letter advice for teachers. Photograph: Alamy. Lisa Pettifer. Wed 19 Oct


Writing about such work will enable you to demonstrate key transferable skills. Take a look at the teacher cover letter sample below to see how we presented the individual as an ideal candidate for the job, despite having no experience in teaching. When it comes to writing your cover letter, professionalism is key. A poorly formatted and designed cover letter often indicates unprofessional applicants. So follow our tips to ensure you come across as a professional candidate.

Adding spacing between paragraphs will make your cover letter easier to read and professional in appearance. Cover letters with no spacing tend to look like one huge block of text, which makes for a poor reading experience. Use standard, professional fonts when writing your cover letter, such as Arial, Times New Roman and Calibri.

Don't use overly creative fonts. These can be difficult to read and may look juvenile. The optimum size for most fonts is between 10 and Fonts that are too big often look unprofessional and fonts that are too small are usually difficult to read. Writing errors may indicate an unprofessional character and can have a negative impact on your job applications. Proofread your cover letter more than once or ask a friend to check it for you to make sure it is void of costly mistakes. Learn more about how to prepare a teacher CV.

The goal of application follow up letters is to give recruiters a gentle nudge and reiterate what makes you the ideal candidate for the job. When preparing your job application follow up letter, try to avoid coming across as pushy, and keep it short and to-the-point. Ensure to accompany your cover letter with a powerful CV. Take a look at our comprehensive guide to preparing the perfect teacher CV , which includes three teacher CV examples.

Cart 0. Teacher Cover Letter Example. View Teacher CV Templates. How to Structure Your Cover Letter. Explain who you are and why you are applying for the role. Overview of knowledge and expertise. Key selling points. Key skills. Ending and call to action. Skills for Teacher Cover Letters. So how do you show your enthusiasm on your cover letter? How do you show leadership skills on your cover letter?

Cover Letter Formatting and Design. Fonts and fonts sizes. Further Cover Letter Advice for Teachers. Conduct research. Salutations and Conclusions. State that your CV is enclosed. Here is an example:. Job application follow up. Writing a great Teacher cover letter is an important step in your job search journey. When writing a cover letter, be sure to reference the requirements listed in the job description.

In your letter, reference your most relevant or exceptional qualifications to help employers see why you're a great fit for the role. In the same way that you might reference resume samples , the following Teacher cover letter example will help you to write a cover letter that best highlights your experience and qualifications. If you're ready to apply for your next role, upload your resume to Indeed Resume to get started.

I am excited to be applying for a teaching position at St. Helena University. As someone who loves education, possesses excellent organizational skills and can connect easily with students, this is the perfect opportunity for me to continue my professional development. I believe that my experience and passion for teaching would be the ideal fit for the philosophy and resources offered by your institution, and I am thrilled at the opportunity to join your team.

I have been a classroom teacher for the past 10 years in various capacities and grade levels. On top of that, I received the Teacher of the Year award twice and was highly rated by parents and students alike. I enjoy the challenge of teaching students academically but also helping them to thrive socially. As a team player, I have joined and participated in committees and school improvement projects to help build a better environment for students and staff alike.

Thank you for considering me for this position, and I hope that my accompanying resume will give you a better sense of the type of teacher I am. I look forward to meeting you in person and sharing with you my teaching philosophy while learning more about this job opportunity. I am a committed lifelong learner and I will continue to grow as a teacher and in my knowledge of subject matter throughout my time at your school.

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Emphasize why you're a great match. Read their job description and find the overlap between the skills you bring to the table with the skills. Teacher Cover Letter Example and Writing Tips · Emphasize your achievements. Include examples of your accomplishments in past jobs as a teacher. · Describe your. Thank you for considering me for this position, and I hope that my accompanying resume will give you a better sense of the type of teacher I am. I look forward.