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Term paper about love

Do you sense your life would be happier and healthier without your partner? If you answered Yes to one or more of the questions in this Love Test, it's a symptom of a toxic relationship. How do you heal it? The same way you heal your body from an injury or disease. Given the right nutrients. I believe in the love for sports.

Loving a sport means you have a passion for the sport. For me, my love is soccer. I play because i love the game, the green grass, the painted field, and the one goal at the end of the field and the other goal at the other side. Basically, there are many types of love. The most common type of love that we know and widely we use by most parents for their children is tough love. Tough love also is a philosophy which is to help parents in manage their children in any scope.

Specifically , it attempts to answer the following questions. What are the factors as to why High school Students of St. Research Paper for Love Words 7 Pages. Recklessly in Love. Graham expresses the idea that to her, a lot of relationships fail because both partners in the relationship fall in love with an idealistic view of who the other person is.

Graham also defies the sappy happy endings that she says everyone believes in since heartbroken romantics oversee a lot of the incompatibilities and faults in a relationship to make it more …show more content… Graham uses definition in that she defines what love meant to her and how she thinks people perceived it to be. The last rhetorical strategy that Graham uses to support her thesis is citing experts. Graham takes full advantage of her sources to go in depth with her subject both mentally and biologically.

Get Access. Read More. Complicated Love Research Papers Words 5 Pages was a classical ballet in which the subject of love was present in every piece. Love Canal Research Paper Words 2 Pages Among all chemicals found at Love Canal, some caused minor health effects, such as skin irritation caused by dibromoethane and benzoic acid, but others were more serious.

In ancient Greece, true love between equals was seen as possible only between two men; although men married for purposes of procreation, a close emotional bond with a woman was seen as undesirable Hendrick and Hendrick Romantic love as featured in novels and film began in the twelfth century. At this time, love came to be understood as an intense and passionate relationship that made the lover somehow a better person and was thus a worthy pursuit, albeit one with elaborate rules and rituals that required time and resources Singer According to Stone , changes in economic production and labor markets, together with public health measures, helped to encourage young persons to marry for love.

Families had less sway over the choices of young people as production moved away from the family and into the factory, and as life expectancy increased, so did the emotional investment a spouse was willing to make in his or her partner. In this view, romantic love is a poor basis for forming a lasting union—and this normative stance is evident in research on spousal choice and sentiment. In one study Levine et al. In the United States, fewer than 5 percent of people said that they would make such a match, while in nations such as Pakistan and Japan, young people were much more likely to consider such a union In nations where familism takes precedence over individual goals and desires, love and marriage are not always experienced together.

Should love develop between the two, so much the better—but if not, the marriage is based on a solidly practical foundation designed to maintain familial and community stability. With such an elusive topic, it is perhaps not surprising that many scholars who study love resort to metaphors to try to explain what love is. The intensity of early love is impossible for most couples to maintain.

As the relationship progresses, partners come to have a warmer and closer feeling of intimacy, termed companionate love, rather than the all-encompassing passion experienced when the relationship was new Berscheid and Walster Much of limerence occurs in the mind of the one experiencing the emotion. Most people will become limerent at some point in their lives.

The experience is generally not permanent—a limerent state lasts an average of around two years—but may occur more than once in a lifetime. What some people experience as a loss of passion, to Tennov, is the waning of the limerent state. Other research suggests that love is what the lover defines it to be. The primary styles of eros, ludus, and storge and the secondary styles of mania, pragma, and agape reflect different beliefs regarding love and loving behavior as well as personal preferences and comfort levels.

The style that most closely resembles ideals of romantic love is termed eros. By contrast, lovers with styles of ludus, storge, mania, pragma, and agape do not fit the stereotypical mold of romantic love presented in novels and film, although manic lovers fit negative stereotypes of obsessed love. Ludus-style lovers are most interested in the conquest possible when chasing a potential partner. Love, to the ludus lover, is a game of strategy.

These lovers are more likely to be pursuing multiple partners and to attempt to limit emotional displays with a partner or potential partner in an effort to maintain an advantage in the dyad. Sexual contact may be more likely to have an aspect of accomplishment and play in these pairings.

Storge-style lovers, by contrast, focus on comfort and emotional closeness in a relationship. A relationship between partners with storge style of loving is generally not very physical and passion is not of paramount importance. To outsiders who equate the intense and exquisite experience of limerence as love, storge lovers can seem more like close friends.

This is not altogether incorrect, as deep friendship is the basis of this form of love. Lovers who tend toward the pragma style are practical and stress what the potential partner brings to the bargaining table. These lovers are seeking to make the best deal for future life circumstances as possible.

Manic love, on the other hand, is not reasoned. The manic lover does not allow the relationship to develop over time but instead attempts to force the partner to make a declaration of love and intention. If ludic lovers enjoy the experience and have fun with love, manic lovers, for all that they yearn for love, generally feel miserable while in a relationship.

Generally, this type of love is considered an ideal. Sternberg also suggests an individual and subjective approach to the experience of love. Some love stories identified by Sternberg include love as science, love as journey, love as art, and love as war.

Most couples who profess a permanent bond whether in a marriage or other commitment ceremony describe their partnership as strong and explain that they have great love for their partner. But, over time, evaluations shift. Some couples lose the intense feeling of love and closeness, while other couples experience what can be termed global adoration, which seems to increase marital satisfaction and stability Neff and Karney The closeness experienced by partners determines the form of love experienced according to Sternberg A love relationship may be stronger in one or two areas and thus have a different character than would another relationship that features a different combination of attributes.

For instance, infatuated love features great passion but lacks both intimacy and commitment, fatuous love includes passion and commitment without intimacy, and consummate love completes the triangle with all three components present. These stages are sequential, each successful completion leading to the next step in the courtship process.

First, couples experience rapport, or a feeling of ease with one another. Often, this is the result of shared attitudes and backgrounds, which encourages homogamy or the tendency of people to marry others who are similar to themselves in background and experience. When a couple has rapport, communication is easier and the next stage of self-revelation is facilitated. As partners learn more and more about one another and begin to feel closer, the sentiment of mutual dependency grows.

In this stage, each partner begins to rely on the other and feel as part of an interdependent unit. If this stage is fully experienced, and the relationship continued, the partners will take on unique significance for one another. This person brings unique benefits not easily found with others and thus this person has special status.

If the couple completes the final stage of intimacy need fulfillment, by each partner deciding that the relationship fits his or her needs for closeness and disclosure, the relationship will likely result in an official partnering. Davis posited a filter theory of partner choice based on couples successfully passing through a series of filters, including social characteristics, similarity of values, and need complementarity.

At each stage, potential partners who are not acceptable are excluded from further consideration. Murstein refined this theory with his stimulus-value-role SVR model of partner selection. Interestingly, Murstein notes that while physical attraction is very important for the initiation of a partnership, people generally choose partners whose attractiveness is similar to their own rather than seeking to find the most physically impressive partner possible.

Generally, courtship differs from dating in that it is more structured and subject to cultural norms. Courtship, unlike the looser dating, is acknowledged as codified behavior designed to lead to a permanent partnership or marriage Cere Some researchers who detail courtship norms and patterns suggest that the erosion of courting behavior in Western societies in the twentieth century, while not solely determinant, corresponds to a lack of preparation for marriage and the attendant rise in rates of divorce see Kass and Kass Few academics in family sociology now study the more traditional pathways that young adults take to marriage.

According to Cere , studies of courtship are now found within three general schools of inquiry: sociobiology, exchange theory, and close-relationship theory p. Willard Waller was one of the first sociologists to note that the marriage contract was based on a bargain that was becoming less and less explicit. Courtship, then, stopped being a proving ground for potential partners to check one another for fitness as mate.

Courting moved from the home environment of family, church, and culture to the paid arena of dating sites such as restaurants, movies, and clubs. Courtship, beginning to morph into dating, became something to be purchased rather than something to be performed. Gary Becker suggested the now well-known exchange theory model of courtship.


He idealizes his mate and is satisfied just being in the same room as she. There are not any ulterior motives evident. Auden would be categorized as a "heavenly lover," in that his love is more lofty and sacred. There is definite contrast to this idealism though. In his last lines the author, without reservation tells of his sorrow at his loss of her to another.

Morrison's Love Her Madly could almost be interpreted as a form of limerance. He has this extreme fondness for his subject: "Don't ya love her madly? He is a good example of love in the context of a super-star entertainer. Morrison's songs, and most others found in the entertainment world cannot compare with reality.

These people do not lead normal lives. Their depiction of such things as love may even be accurate portrayals of their lives, but should not be taken to represent society as a whole. Love was quite important to Morrison- provided that he had it often and with different partners. One woman could never contain his sexual urges.

In this reality many sociological concepts are found. Morrison cohabited with numerous women, mainly his life-long steady girlfriend Pamela. Morrison's male domineering attitude is evident in his line "Wanna be her daddy.

He does show signs of compassion with his line: "Don't ya love her as she's walking out the door. Like she did one thousand times before. He lost his love once again and he is not afraid to admit it. Even so, Morrison's primary style of love was definitely "ludus. Pre- marital sex was easily brushed aside by Morrison in this era when society was more accepting of "free love. Due to sexual scripts themselves, there are many learned behaviors and attitudes that men possess that they have always known as "the best way.

No-noes like squeezing a woman's breast because they think it turns her on, failing to ask her questions during sex, not complementing her, and other forms of " improper etiquette" may be what is holding back many couples from happier and more successful relationships. Critique These three representations of love were all the norms in their time but would be out of context if switched to another.

People may appreciate Auden's simplicity and purity of loves' demeanor, but it is safe to say that it would not do very well in today's' society that urns for lust and sex over honest love. Society wants to be entertained and taken to a fantasy world- one that is different and more exciting than their own.

In the early 20ieth century and before I'm sure that people were satisfied reading a poem like this for the simple fact that it was a depiction of their feelings at the time- but written by a person that could write more eloquently than themselves. They were entertained by such works because they captured their mood in words. As music evolved with society along with it, the poet took on a new form of expression.

Music was perfect- it has often been thought of as sexual in nature. Words along with music symbolized an era of increased freedom and experimentation as the walls that portrayed sex as "a bad thing" began to crumble. Morrison's portrayal of loose standards of sex, while exaggerated for society in general, are still accurate in that this was a more liberal time than previous decades. Songs such as this made it more accepted for teens and other impressionable youngsters both to have sex and see it in a kinder light.

Articles such as our Men's Health example have become the norm in today's increasingly open and less moral society. While the church's forbidding of such an open discussion of sex was more adhered to in the past, people today are more comfortable talking about this and other topics that they want to hear about. We have already realized the myth that just because sex was not as discussed back then did not mean that people refrained from talking about it and doing it in secret.

In fact, we know that ancient cultures such as those in Italy had an even greater sex culture than we do today. Many will say that this attitude is a better approach because it gets feelings out in the open, instead of keeping them locked up inside. Thus people are more honest with each other and can work their difficulties out before they explode.

Conclusion It is definitely true that attitudes on love have changed in the last decade. Social structures and norms have fluctuated and have influenced people's decisions in their own lives as well as their perceptions of others. Many people would rather return to the innocent times of Auden where love seemingly was true and carried no strings. There does seem to be a problem with the increased fragmentation of society in regards to finding love today.

Gone are the days when you married your high school sweet-heart and lived happily ever after. Increased mobility and the ease of travel has left love more available and open. People need more help today from outside services like dating hotlines and the help of marriage counselors and physchologists to sort out their troubles. It follows though that society is more complex and therefore better. Women have more rights and more say in society. There is no doubt that females were exploited more in the past than today.

While society's attitudes have changed over the years and will continue to change, one thing remains the same: love is a driving force in our lives. Need a different custom essay on Society Term Papers? Buy a custom essay on Society Term Papers. Need a custom research paper on Society Term Papers?

Click here to buy a custom term paper. The Male Reproductive System The male reproductive system is responsible for generating, storing, and transporting the genetic material contained in the sperm cells. The main organs inclu Men and Women What influences a person's identity? Is it their homes, parents, religion, or maybe where they live? When do they get one? Love is merely an illusion. How many of you believe in love at first sight? How many of you believe in first love?

Do you think true love really exists? Did you only fall in love once in your whole life time? How many of you have fallen in love for the first time, second time, third time and still not sure that you are going end your life with the fourth one you are living with now or not. Is there any guarantee you will not fall in love with the fifth person again? This man that I loved was Jacob. My sister and I fought over him like a toy, up to the point where it was getting insane.

All of this started with me being born not looking as beautiful as my sister, Rachel. All of. Unknowingly, countless people live and die under the false illusion of love, such as the story concerning my best friend Marcy; which died from. One of the most- maybe even the most- desired and glorified fountains of ecstasy in human society is the state of love.

However, desires come with suffering and love is no exception to this rule. For, if it can give wings to fly really high into the heavens, it can also destroy them and send the heart falling down onto a cruel, unfortunate death. Heartbreak does not deter humans from pursuing potential happiness, but it does bring them back to their reality with more wisdom.

Though, even with more. Often, many portray romantic love as a beneficial and desired emotion because its experience can lead to prosperity. While observing love from the outside, only its sentimental aspects in relationships are apparent, such as a couple holding hands or. Therefore, those not experiencing love believe it is a picture-perfect emotion, creating its potent allure.

The presentation of love and its difficulties can be very different as is seen in Romeo and Juliet and the poems by Carol Ann Duffy. Carol Ann Duffy uses lots of different words to talk about love. However, I think there is a more evil side and that she chose to use an onion, because when. Love is the purest form of emotion, driven by strong feelings of affection and pleasantness towards a person, animal, object, and more. It is a virtue that makes one feel content and happy in heart and mind.

Love is not just a feeling of attraction, romance and sexual intimacy between two people. It is a feeling of deepest interpersonal affection that binds a relationship. Be it a camaraderie between friends or a mother-son bond, it all falls under the definition of love. Love can be broadly classified as impersonal, interpersonal, and compassion for animals.

For example, We love pizza but we also love honesty. Interpersonal love is the feeling of passion and affection that one person has for another. When the feeling of love is not reciprocated by the other person, then it is termed as unrequited love. Interpersonal love may also involve physical attraction to one another.

For example, a relationship between a couple or two lovers. The feeling of benevolence towards any kind of animal species comes under compassion towards animals. While love encompasses positive feelings, it is closely associated with the negative emotion of jealousy. A person becomes jealous when the person that they love shows interest in someone else.

Romance has been a huge component of love, often talked about in books, films, and other media. Love stories are one of the popular genres of storytelling.

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This sample love research paper features: words (approx. 15 pages), an outline, and a bibliography with 48 sources. Browse READ MORE. It means that a person can love anyone irrespective of their gender. To understand more about love, read our wide collection of essays and research paper on. LOVE. This paper will examine the biological, psychological and philosophical aspects of love. For the purpose of this research, partners and couples will.