american history before 1877 research papers

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American history before 1877 research papers developing a business plan pwc

American history before 1877 research papers

What was the impact of the Stono Rebellion? Pay particular attention to how the war and its outcome shaped colonial identities as well as to the relationship between colonists and Indians. Illustrate the common obstacles the Indian communities faced and the ways they tried to unite to overcome their hardships during the eighteenth century. How did the leaders in London and the leaders in America view participation in governing the empire differently?

Explain the initial goals of the colonists in at the time of the Stamp Act and the evolution of their ultimate decision to declare independence in What were the political and social consequences of the Revolution that had emerged by ? In a thoughtful essay, describe why the war was so lengthy and what the costs involved were for the British and for the Americans.

How was George Washington able to secure a victory over the most powerful nation in the world? What sources did they call on? What philosophies were influential? How was the language of freedom and liberty used? Describe how that transformation came about and how the various state constitutions dealt with voting qualifications. Your response should define what Americans meant by equality and should consider groups that seemed to enjoy equality as well as those groups that did not.

How were they treated after the war? What arguments did supporters of American independence use to justify retaining the institution of slavery? Did any of their contemporaries in America counter their arguments?

Explain who supported independence and who did not. Also consider why the other regions of the British Empire, such as Canada, the Caribbean islands, and Florida, did not also rebel and seek independence. Which document did a better job of protecting liberties? Running a government? Explain your answer with specific examples. Constitution addressed the institution of slavery. Would you say the Constitution was a proslavery or an antislavery document?

Explain your answer. How did U. Discuss the various arguments being made in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries by women regarding their changing roles in the new republic. Examine the terms of the peace settlement. What was gained? What was the greater victory for America?

What were the advantages and disadvantages? Who was left out? Who benefited? What were some ways workers responded? Who or what were obstacles to freedom in the pursuit of expansion? How did Americans deal with those obstacles? Compare the meaning of freedom for these two groups of women. Describe the debates that led up to the final compromise. How does the Missouri Compromise illustrate that sectional issues would surely arise again?

What ideas and policies about Indians remained the same? Which changed? Be sure to consider African heritage, slave family life, folklore, and religious life in your response. Why was this the case? Did masters have all the power in this relationship, or did the enslaved exert some power?

Points to consider include paternalism, the size of slaveholdings, slavery and the law, forms of slave resistance, and labor organization task and gang systems. Compare the slave rebellions merely planned or actually carried out of Denmark Vesey and Nat Turner. What did Vesey attempt to do? What did Turner attempt to do? How were these men similar? How did they view slavery and freedom? How did white society react to them, and why? Explain how the abolitionists achieved this, and comment on how successful the movement was or was not.

Explain the role women played in the abolitionist movement. Then analyze how that experience influenced the feminist movement. Be sure to explain how they understood freedom and liberty. What methods were the feminists using to promote their cause? Explain the various arguments made for and against the expansion of slavery. Who, if anyone, was arguing for abolition? However, the boundaries of freedom were tightly drawn in California. Explain the expansions and limitations of freedom there.

What can their political debates tell us about American society on the eve of the Civil War? How did the ruling mirror the sectional debates that had been occurring in Congress? What consequences did the decision have on the liberties and freedoms of blacks in America? What did the Confederate soldiers believe they were fighting for? What advantages did the Confederacy have, and why did its leaders think victory would be theirs?

Describe the life of a black soldier. How did it differ from the experiences of black sailors? Overall, how important were black servicemen in the outcome of the war? Finally, discuss what fighting in the war meant to these men. Is emancipation enough? Why or why not? Illustrate how liberty would come to be understood for the nation after the Civil War and analyze whether the abolishment of slavery was enough to propel the United States to finally exist as its founding documents suggested it should.

Be sure to address economic opportunities, gender roles, religious independence, and family security. Explain the various ways that the lives of these groups changed. Were the changes for the better or worse? Explain the strengths and weaknesses of the Fourteenth Amendment. What liberties and freedoms did it extend in the nineteenth century—and to whom? How did it alter the relationship between the federal government and the states?

Or was it something in between? Be sure to make clear what you mean by success and failure. What did this debate say about the boundaries of freedom defined by Reconstruction? Hello,Kindly find the attached assignment. The power of formal law meant that a lot depended on where a woman stayed and the socio-cultural beliefs that surrounded that part of the country.

The difference in values can well be stipulated in theproficiencies of African American women. Women in U. This was an advantage to the black women since they regained their rights to marry and get married. They also gained rights tohandle and take care of their children as well as to buy and accrue rights to their property. This at least reduced inequality between the black and white women. In South America, they still held slaves in custody and did not give them even their very basic rights.

The legal status of every free woman was determined by their marital status in every state. Those who were single including the widowed and divorced had the right to stay wherever they wanted and venture in whatever job they found appropriate for them. It was not a mandatory for them to have college certificates or license for them to get employment.

Single women also Insert surname 2 had the legal rights to enter in to contracts without restrictions. They could also do real estate business and keep their personal property. Personal property included current assets such as cash at hand, inventory, bonds, domestic animals as well as slaves specifically in the south. Unmarried women could sue or be sued, could write wills for their children as well as serve as police and hol Studypool values your privacy.

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No Results Found. History to , History Research Paper. Choose a topic related to U. User Fgriram Subject Humanities. Final Answer. QEfreinag Completion Status:. Honor Code. I was struggling with this subject, and this helped me a ton! Similar Questions. Please look over and tell me what you think. Write a paragraph describing how you went about preparing and writing.

Begin by explaining your purpose for writing and In the course, we studied various expressions of American feminism, from the First to the Third Wave, and some aspects of African American History since The Progressive Presidents writing assignment. The presidential election of was the most Progressive in US history, with the two frontrunners, Theodore Roosevelt an Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser. Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens. The Two Towers by J. The Second Sex by Simone de Beauvoir.

Most Popular Answers. Ask a Question. Normalcy and the New Deal. Immediately thereafter, the New Deal implemented in response to the Great Depression revolutionized the role of the federal government in lives of the American people, in ways that many Americans believed violated the basic tenets of the Constitution—and others believed were not radical enough.

Taken together, the decades from to may have transformed the American nation more than any other comparable time period. The great depression. Hawksworth Executive producer , America in the 20th Century. The roaring twenties [Television series episode]. The civilian conservation corps [Television series episode].

Samels Executive producer , The s. Flapper Jane. Bonus army marches on Washington, DC [Video]. Share our wealth speech. An open letter to the honorable Alfred E. Atlantic Monthly, , , Hell and high schools. The double task of Negro womanhood. Locke Ed. Address of the President delivered by radio from the White House. TVA: Electricity for all.

How did the federal government change in response to those changes? How did the American people respond to the changing role of the federal government? How did the New Deal change over time and what alternatives were offered to it? Which groups benefited or suffered most from these changes?

Should this period be regarded as having represented a revolutionary moment in American history? Support your claims with examples from the required material s and properly cite any references. You may use additional scholarly sources to support your points if you choose.

The End of Isolation. Yet one year later, Chamberlain led Britain into war against Germany in defense of Poland once it became clear that appeasement had failed. Never again would the US remain so aloof for so long from such a momentous international affair. As such, the Second World War represents a turning point in American foreign affairs, and it is perhaps hard for us to understand why the US took so long to take effective action against the Axis Powers.

World War II: The road to war. This guide has a snapshot of the resources available at the DVC Library, so be sure to Ask a Librarian if you need more help! You can get background, history, context, and multiple perspectives. Articles are a good if you need very specific or very recent information on a topic. You can search for articles in the databases that the library subscribes to. Web searching can be a good place to start learning about a topic, but often it can take a lot of work to identify if a website is a good source or not.

Primary Sources provide first-hand accounts of historical events. Citations are how you indicate to your readers what in your paper is your ideas and what are the ideas of others. Plus they're a required part of writing a research paper. It looks like you're using Internet Explorer 11 or older. This website works best with modern browsers such as the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

If you continue with this browser, you may see unexpected results. History before Home Search this Guide Go. History before This research guide has information on researching U.


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Industrialization in the US (1877-1914)

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The following topics provide ideas for the focus of a paper, but they are not thesis statements. Remember to be as specific as possible when writing your thesis. For what reasons and under what conditions did children work during the nineteenth century, and what efforts were made to bring about reform? How successful. The essay should support a thesis statement with information gained from research or investigation. Your research paper will not be just a report presenting.