how to write a conclusion for a research paper mla

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How to write a conclusion for a research paper mla how to write a project proposal on

How to write a conclusion for a research paper mla


Conclusions wrap up what you have been discussing in your paper. After moving from general to specific information in the introduction and body paragraphs, your conclusion should begin pulling back into more general information that restates the main points of your argument. Conclusions may also call for action or overview future possible research. The following outline may help you conclude your paper:. Remember that once you accomplish these tasks, unless otherwise directed by your instructor, you are finished.

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Basically, one must cite the evidence used to support the topic sentence. Also, a person must include page numbers that contain the quoted or paraphrased evidence in the MLA in-text citation. After that, a writer should add one or two sentences to explain the evidence. Besides, explanation sentences should link the evidence to topic sentences. As a result, the last sentence must assert how a particular paragraph contributes to a thesis statement and provide a link to the next section.

The conclusion part of the MLA sample paper must explain that the work covers all the points in a thesis statement. Basically, conclusions should contain a summary of the main points in an essay. As a rule, this paragraph should not have new ideas. Also, concluding paragraphs must link the end of an essay to its beginning. However, the last paragraph of the MLA sample paper may contain recommendations when appropriate.

In this case, the conclusion should provide readers with a broader context of a discussed topic. Moreover, one should not overwrite in conclusions. Thus, the conclusion section should contain an accurate and consistent summary of an essay. Moreover, all sources used in in-text citations should appear in alphabetical order. In turn, every entry should have relevant bibliographic information. For instance, a listing of a source must have names of authors, titles, years of publications.

Furthermore, entries of journal articles must provide a range of pages and volume and issue numbers. In this case, titles of sources and names of journals must have all major words capitalized. Hence, they should appear in a title case. In turn, entries for books in the MLA sample paper must contain relevant publication details. However, one must provide names of publishers. Also, students should give cities of publication where applicable.

It must be in a capital case, not bolded or underlined. Get Discount. Wr 1 ter We write customized papers without plagiarism. The conclusion is a perfect chance for you to succinctly reply to one of the inherent questions your readers will usually have after finishing to read: "So what? In the main part of the research, it's not always feasible to talk about your own opinions. The conclusion is where your personality comes into place.

Use it to talk about the impact of your findings and their general significance. If your research is insightful and interesting, there are probably more ways of discussing your research problem. Showcase how this problem can be further discussed or solved based on the results of your academic work.

Mention other people who have researched this problem and their ideas, and specify how the research might be developed in the future. Here are some main points to help you not just summarize the key thoughts of your work, but to go deeper to warrant a better grade:.

To summarize means to make a brief statement of the main points. To synthesize means to combine information into a coherent whole. You want to tie the paper together neatly. Same effect. These rhetorical devices will help your essay stick in the minds of readers. They can be powerful tools and really prompt change. For more ideas, look to the greats. George Orwell is one of the masters of rhetorical devices such as mirroring and imagery.

His essay Shooting an Elephant has made lots of people cry. If you aim to make a clear and focused conclusion rather than an inspiration one, you want to go with hard facts. Hopefully, by the end of this article, your conclusion will shine like a nice recycled plastic bottle. There are two things left: to take a look at the research paper conclusion example and to write one.

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Essential components of a project Project writing tips for beginners Finding samples in Chicago format. Keep it simple but straight to the point. Restate the thesis apart from the thesis statement This is achieved by a narrowed view of the main consideration of your writing.

You can try to re-word your statement to come up with the first statement of your thesis. Summarize your main points. You will basically need to remind your readers some of the main points contained in your body. This is specifically for papers which proceed in an inductive manner and one has not had the chance to explain the significance of various points, you should do this in the conclusion.

Make a call to action when it is appropriate. This can basically be done by encouraging your readers to further research on your topic or any other related topics. This is usually done by including follow up statements which introduces new areas where research is needed. Making your conclusion as effective as much as possible is also a very critical factor; this is achieved by following the named factors: Always stick to a basic synthesis of information.

This includes rephrasing your thesis and all supporting points Linking your introduction to conclusion. In your introduction, you can ask a question which will be restated and answered in the conclusion Close with logic. You can use your conclusion to state any logical opinion which might be formulated by evidence in your work Pose a question. This is a quite effective strategy. This is basically asking the reader to form his or her own conclusion For an MLA style paper, the conclusion part has a citation area, where bibliographical detail concerning various source are stated.

Psychology paper topics Science research paper samples Who can do my paper for cheap? Related: How to Write a Summary of Qualifications. When writing your conclusion, you can consider the steps below to help you get started:. Your first step when writing your conclusion should be to restate your research topic. Typically, one sentence can be enough to restate the topic clearly, and you will want to explain why your topic is important.

This part of your conclusion should be clear and concise and state only the most important information. Here is an example:. Next, restate the thesis of your research paper. You can do this by revising your original thesis that you presented in the introduction of your paper. The thesis statement in your conclusion should be worded differently than what you wrote in your introduction. This element can also be effectively written in one sentence.

Next, you can sum up the main points of your research paper. It's helpful to read through your paper a second time to pick out only the most relevant facts and arguments. You shouldn't need to include any more information than the main arguments or facts that you presented in your paper. The purpose of summarizing the key points is to remind the reader of the importance of the research topic.

Here's an example to help illustrate how to do this:. This increase in pollution has contributed to massive decreases in marine life, fish die-off, increased respiratory illness in neighborhood populations and has contributed to the shortage of clean drinking water. After discussing the main points of your argument, you can present the significance of these points. For instance, after stating the main points you made in your argument, you might discuss how the impacts of your topic affect a specific outcome.

Likewise, you might present the results of studies or other findings that can help add emphasis to how you present the significance of your information. In the future, the EPA hopes this research will lead to a decrease in the pollutant concentration in our freshwater systems.

As you finish up your conclusion, you might create a call to action or pose an idea that gets your readers thinking further about your argument. You might also use this sentence to address any questions that were left unanswered in the body paragraphs of your paper. More research and innovation are needed to maintain our clean water while still supporting the agricultural needs of our economy.

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when you write your research paper conclusion:. You can also experiment with other conclusion styles, however, using the summarizing format can help you be certain that you are including each element as it relates to your paper. The following examples help illustrate what an effective research paper conclusion looks like and what an ineffective and disorganized conclusion looks like. The examples can help you outline and form your conclusion.

An effective conclusion will contain all five elements of summing up your research paper. The increase in water pollution since has contributed to the decrease in aquatic wildlife as well as the increase in unsafe drinking water. With the growth of sugar farming, more and more pollutants are entering our freshwater supplies.

Ecologists and marine biologists are continuing to measure the water quality, and researchers are continuing to find ways to combat the pollution run-off from commercial farms. If we cannot combat the ill effects that commercial farming has on our clean water, our freshwater ecosystems and drinking water supplies will surely diminish. In this example, some elements are missing and the thesis statement is not clear. Here is what a disorganized and ineffective conclusion might look like:. Drinking water becomes unsanitary and unsafe with pollution.

If we do not fix the state of our freshwater systems, our health can suffer. Researchers are still trying to help, but they have not resolved the issue of the water pollution. As citizens, it is our responsibility to help keep our waters clean and avoid polluting rivers, lakes and oceans. While it is possible to tell from this conclusion that the topic may have been water pollution, there is no clear statement of the topic.

Additionally, it is difficult to tell whether the first sentence is even a thesis statement. When you write your conclusion, consider the type of conclusion you are writing, and include each element that is appropriate for your conclusion type. By following each step, you can format and write an effective and impactful concluding paragraph for your research paper.

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Conclusions may also call for. Pro Writer Rating: 0. Remember that once you accomplish flexible enough to meet the by your instructor, you are. Conclusions wrap up what you have been discussing in your. Client's rating on how classification essay help write a proper conclusion for requirements of your purpose and. The following outline may help. Post your homework and get. Homework solution attached Purchase this these tasks, unless otherwise directed a research paper Homework: 5. Your structure needs to be answer to view it This homework is solved by this. Quality Homework Helper Rating: 4.

Restate your research topic. Restate the thesis. Summarize the main points.