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They will instead make a cash settlement, which reflects the market value at the time the loss happened. This is so a prospective buyer knows a vehicle was previously written off when conducting vehicle history checks. These checks also cover whether the vehicle is stolen or has outstanding finance, too. So, what do the categories mean?

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For financial aid and scholarship inquiries and document submission, contact the Office of Student Financial Affairs and Scholarships by email to finschol aucegypt. How to Apply Submit the online application form. Fulfill the requirements of your secondary school certificate. The most common secondary school certificates accepted by AUC are listed below. The minimum cut-off scores for each certificate may change from one semester to another according to University requirements. Having the minimum academic requirements does not grant you an offer of a place but rather ensures entry to the selection process.

Note: Late submission of admission credentials decreases your chances of declaring science and engineering majors because places in these programs are limited. Your application and a final admission decision will be pending the submission of all these documents.

Applications submitted after the set deadlines will be considered according to space availability. Provisional Admission : AUC considers the most academically qualified applicants for provisional admission if they earned excellent grades or submitted the necessary documents prior to the set deadlines. Final acceptance will be given after submitting your final transcript and proof of graduation by or before the assigned deadlines. To view deadlines, click here. For information about tuition and fees, click here.

NOTE: Tuition and fees for newly admitted students are non-refundable. Applicants who have completed 12 years of schooling in an international system are required to submit grade one final report in addition to year by year proof of enrollment primary to secondary. Applicants who have completed six years after ibtedaya or three years after idadiya are required to submit a copy of the front and backside of the certificate ibtdaya or idadiya and ensure that the academic year is clearly printed on the document.

Ibtdaya or idadiya certificate with results of only Arabic and religion are not considered as proof. However, applicants must submit all certificates, as well as their candidate number, to ensure that the University calculates eligibility using the highest eight scores. Only copies with a fresh stamp from schools or British council are considered as official documents.

Preference is given to students who have completed advanced or advanced supplementary level subjects and have excellent grades. AUC accepts a minimum grade of C to satisfy the eight subject requirement at the ordinary or advanced supplementary level, and a minimum grade of D at the advanced level. AUC considers the highest grade in subjects completed more than once. AUC counts the higher grade in the same subjects completed at both advanced and advanced supplementary levels.

To view the engineering requirements , click here. The University grants transfer credits for A-level subjects with grades of A or B. For transfer credit details, click here. For more information on provisional admission, click here. Applicants who joined different schools should submit official transcripts from all institutions attended. The minimum scores for admission consideration are a combined total score of for the SAT 1 or a score of 20 on the ACT composite section. Having the minimum recommended SAT score does not guarantee acceptance.

AUC will not combine scores from old and new versions of tests. The highest scores reported from the same version of the test can be combined. Students with an old SAT 1 score of on the English components, with a minimum score of on each component, will be exempted from the English placement exam and placed into RHET AUC calculates only academic subjects for admission consideration. Students who spent less than one and a half years at an accredited American high school must submit SAT II results for two subjects of their choice.

A total score of is required, with a minimum score of for each subject. If you graduated from high school prior to January and you are ready to continue your education, here are the requirements for admission. You must first meet the core course requirements listed below for general admission. If you would like to study in a specific college, you must meet their specific requirements to be admitted. Students who only meet general admission requirements will be admitted to and advised in the Explore Center.

PreArch only : You must submit materials by Feb. Because the University of Nebraska—Lincoln is a state university, Nebraska residents and nonresidents have different tuition rates—residents of the state of Nebraska will be billed in-state tuition and non-residents will be billed out-of-state tuition. Use this calculator to find out if you may qualify for as a resident for tuition purposes. Since this calculator is based on your input, it is not an official way to determine your residency status.

If you've received a high school diploma or its equivalent in Nebraska, you're not only pretty awesome, but there's a good chance you qualify for the in-state tuition rate at Nebraska. If you have further questions about whether or not you qualify, please don't hesitate to contact us. Click the button below to see the University of Nebraska—Lincoln's full residency policy. Generally, people who've lived in Nebraska for 12 months or more and didn't move to Nebraska primarily to enroll in a post-secondary institution qualify for the in-state tuition rate at Nebraska.

We just want to make sure you experience the awesomeness of Nebraska first. When you get to the Residency Categories section, look at the following categories for instructions:. Generally, dependents of Nebraska residents qualify for the in-state tuition rate at the university.

You also qualify to be the wizard for our live action roleplay group you know, only if you want to. People who are married to someone who was a Nebraska resident prior to the marriage not only exhibit great decision making skills, they generally qualify for the in-state tuition rate at the university. When you get to the Residency Categories section, look at category D for instructions.

Active duty military personnel, their spouses, and their dependents generally qualify for the in-state tuition rate at the university if they are stationed in Nebraska or if their home of record is in Nebraska. And just so you know, you're our hero of record. When you get to the Residency Categories section, look at category G for instructions.

Military veterans who have been off-duty for 3 years or fewer, or their spouse or dependents generally qualify for the in-state tuition rate at the university if they establish residence Nebraska. Legislation makes this category kind of complicated, so please contact us with any confusion. When you get to the Residency Categories section, look at category M for instructions.

When you get to the Residency Categories section, look at category K for instructions. When you get to the Residency Categories section, look at category J for instructions. Former students who qualified for in-state tuition previously will generally receive the in-state tuition rate at the university if they re-enroll within 2 years. Though we can't promise a homecoming party, homecoming week is pretty fun.

When you get to the Residency Categories section, look at category I for instructions. Staff members of the University, any Nebraska State College, and any Nebraska Community College along with their spouses and dependents generally qualify for the in-state tuition rate at the university. When you get to the Residency Categories section, look at category F for instructions.

If you'd like to review your residency status, please don't hesitate to contact us. Remember, this calculator only provides an estimation of your residency status based on your answers. The result displayed here is not binding or official.

Determining your residency status is an important part of your application for admission at the University of Nebraska—Lincoln. Residents of the state of Nebraska will be billed in-state tuition and non-residents will be billed out-of-state tuition.

Don't worry, it's pretty simple. Here's the gist. While the Application for Residency Classification is available online, all students must submit a notarized Residency Affidavit as a part of your application. You can upload this completed document into your MyRed Application.

Students who do not provide this documentation will be determined to be non-residents without further notification. All incoming students under the age of 19 or students who have not completed or transferred 27 or more accepted semester hours of post-secondary education as of the first day of fall semester classes are required to live in University-approved on-campus housing.

If you would like to apply for residency status for tuition purposes using the paper-based application, you will want to review the list of requirements and apply to declare your residency PDF. Once you have completed this form and have compiled all supporting documents, you can drop off your application at the Office of Admissions Q Street, Lincoln. Plan to take or have already taken Advanced Placement tests? Check out what scores can earn credits. The university also accepts credits earned through the College Level Examination Program.

Here are the steps to transferring CLEP credit. First things first-apply and get admitted. Already did that? Then move on to the next step. You're well on your way to becoming Husker. Don't miss out on scholarships—submit a scholarship statement to be considered for leadership and diversity scholarships. Pay Enrollment Deposit. If you have financial need, you can defer paying the deposit until your financial aid is received.

To request a deferral, login to your MyRED account. Complete the Online Deferral Form. Or, download this Enrollment Deposit Deferral Request Form, complete it and return it to our office by mail, email or fax as listed on the form. Download Deferral Request Form. Please Note: If you choose not to attend the University of Nebraska—Lincoln, you must cancel your enrollment by notifying admissions unl. Please consult University Housing regarding special cancellation fees.

Enrollment deposit refunds are awarded if requested prior to December 1 for spring, or May 1 for fall. You must submit your refund request by completing the cancellation request form here. If you deferred the enrollment deposit and choose not to attend, you must still submit a refund request by the deadline.

After the deadline, the enrollment deposit is not refunded. If you choose not to attend the university and do not request a refund on or before December 1 for spring or May 1 for fall, you will forfeit the full amount of your enrollment deposit. If you had your deposit deferred and cancel after the deadline, you will still owe the cost of the deposit. To request a refund, the process is simple and straightforward:. Please note that this request will cancel both your admission and any scholarship or financial aid offers you may have received.

Admitted students who do not pay the deposit prior to the deadline forfeit their admission and aid. Students may request reinstatement by sending a letter to the admissions committee at:. The Enrollment Deposit is Non-Transferable. Applying for federal financial aid is the best way to help pay for college. The priority deadline to apply is April 1. Contact us if you need help. After you pay your enrollment deposit, you'll be able to complete your housing contract.

Submit your contract early for better room choices. NSE is a required orientation program that helps prepare you for your transition to college. Register early to get your pick of NSE dates. To check your admission status, you'll need to visit the MyRED portal. We know it sounds like a fun portal where you might meet friends and electronically chat about what's going on in your life, but it's all business.

Real business. Hard work business. You could thank MyRED for doing all these things, but that would be pointless These decisions are based upon a holistic review of an individual applicants student record including but not limited to: academic achievement GPA, academic courses, class rank, standardized test scores , high school course availability, recommendation letters, and retention services. The Admissions Committee will utilize this information through the holistic review process to determine whether there are other indicia in the record that would contribute to the applicant's academic success at the University.

The Special Circumstances Committee will holistically review applicants with special merit that are required to participate in intrusive and successful retention programs such as, but not limited to, Nebraska College Preparatory Academy, William H.

The Director of Admissions must approve retention programs to be considered for the Special Circumstances Committee. Members of this committee will be appointed by the Director of Admissions. In Accordance with RP- 5. Prospective students who do not meet assured admission requirements and who can provide evidence of special talents, such as outstanding artistic skills, unique educational experience or remarkable career achievements can be considered for admission with executive-level sponsorship.

Each academic college and the Athletic Department are permitted to recommend no more than 15 special talent appeals to the director of admissions each term. To be considered for admission based on special talent, an applicant must:. Any application received after the published deadline will be placed on a wait-list. The admissions committee will prioritize the wait-list based upon candidates that meet Nebraska's assured admission requirements.

Find out more about University of Nebraska—Lincoln assured admission requirements. All colleges at the University of Nebraska—Lincoln require students meet the minimum core course and performance admission requirements. Some colleges have additional requirements that students must meet in order to be admitted to their requested college.

If you do not meet college specific requirements you can still be admitted through our Explore Center. The colleges below do not have additional requirements beyond core course and performance requirements. View the Emerging Media Arts application information. You will self-report your academic record.

Use an unofficial transcript to fill in your information. Transfer students must provide copies of transcripts from all attended institutions both high school and post-secondary. We are unable to review for admission until all documents are submitted. Please note, the Office of Admissions cannot review transcripts emailed directly from the student.

Make the check out to the University of Nebraska—Lincoln and put the applicant's name on the memo line. To be considered for leadership and diversity scholarships, you must write a word essay all about you. Focus on leadership, career goals and community service. International students have additional requirements and information.

All holds will need to be cleared from your record before your application is considered. If you left the university because of academic dismissal, complete the Returning Student Questionnaire. If you've already completed an undergraduate degree and are looking to continue your education at Nebraska, you will need to fill out the Confirmation of Program Type form.

Skip to main content. Admissions Requirements What type of student are you? First-Year College Student You are a high school senior or have attempted fewer than 12 semester college credits since graduating from high school. Admissions Requirements: First-Year College Student You are guaranteed admission if you meet the core course requirements and at least one performance requirement.

Performance Requirements First-Year applicants should: Have a 3. Or, score 20 or higher on the ACT, writing portion not required. Or, rank in the top half of their high school graduating class. Core Course Requirements There are 16 units of academic courses required for admission. High School Classes Here is a list of Nebraska high school classes that count toward core course requirements.

Ways to Meet Admission Requirements If you are missing courses required for admission, there are ways to remove the deficiencies before you enroll. Admissions Requirements: Transfer You are guaranteed admission if you meet the core course requirements and the performance requirements. Performance Requirements Transfer applicants should: Demonstrate a 2. Have a 2. Core Course Requirements There are 16 units of academic courses required for admission to the university for students who have not successfully completed the equivalent of two semesters of full-time collegiate coursework.

Visiting You want to attend the University of Nebraska—Lincoln for one semester, be a part-time student at the university, or aren't seeking a degree. Admissions Requirements: Visiting Visiting students are not seeking a degree at the University of Nebraska—Lincoln but plan to attend for one term, generally taking 6 credit hours or less. Additional Credit Hours Visiting students are limited to 6 credit hours each semester. Returning You have previously attended the University of Nebraska—Lincoln as a degree-seeking student and you would like to return and complete your degree.

Admissions Requirements: Returning Academic Dismissal To be eligible for readmission consideration as a formerly dismissed University student, you must: Fulfill a mandatory period of 2 consecutive semesters of non-enrollment summer sessions collectively count as one semester. Clear any holds on your record.

Fill out the returning student application. Submit a Readmission Questionnaire. Submit final transcripts to document completion of course work and the grade s earned when applicable. Intercampus You are currently enrolled at another NU campus and want to take classes at the University of Nebraska—Lincoln.

To Apply Complete the online intercampus application. To Apply You can save your application and return to it at any time. Certificate Program You're seeking an undergraduate certificate from the University of Nebraska—Lincoln. The Decision Process Admission decisions are determined by a committee appointed by the Director of Admissions. Home-School Student You've taken home-school classes and you're ready for higher education.

Scores must be sent to the Office of Admissions directly from the testing organization. For the Student Here is a list of what the home-school student must provide to be considered for admission. Students who have taken courses in world language must include a description of how they learned the verbal component of the language i. You may also be asked to provide a copy of the most recent "statement of objection and assurances by parent or guardian" on file with the Nebraska State Department of Education.

A typed transcript in a semester format of the courses the student completed in the home school environment. Include the following: Grades or averages earned in each course must be included on the transcript. A curriculum synopsis of the courses which parallel the University of Nebraska—Lincoln's 16 core course requirement.

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In light of the current shift to an online mode of operation at AUC, kindly correspond Admission and Student Service Center for document submission and. Manuela is passionate about education and evolution and wishes to collect enough information in order to help students from all corners of the world take the. Each year, the Common App goes offline to prepare for the launch of the new application. The application will launch on August 1,