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Do my philosophy creative writing


I write about writing, freelancing, and the creative process. For more: callumsharpwrites. Collecting words, phrases, pops of poetry, and all things about writing. Refer to our guidelines for submitting. Medium is an open platform where million readers come to find insightful and dynamic thinking. Here, expert and undiscovered voices alike dive into the heart of any topic and bring new ideas to the surface. Learn more. If you have a story to tell, knowledge to share, or a perspective to offer — welcome home.

Start a blog. Sign in. Curiosity Never Killed the Writer. Submit your work The Curious Cat Project. Why reading philosophy is good for your writing. Callum Sharp Writes Follow. Curiosity Never Killed the Writer Collecting words, phrases, pops of poetry, and all things…. Curiosity Never Killed the Writer Follow.

Written by Callum Sharp Writes Follow. More From Medium. Kele Mogotsi. Elmo Hidalgo. Narrative Dynamism. Rowan Fortune RTE. More importantly, you'll explore your ideas alongside those of other writers, artists and thinkers. Novelists, poets, editors and publishers will also play a part in your learning. These guest lectures will give you a varied perspective of literature. From genre to getting work in print, you'll get advice from people who've been there and done it.

In our philosophy courses, we will guide you through traditional philosophers, including Kant, Nietzsche, Heidegger and Foucault, treating along the way their ideas concerning such fundamental problems as the nature of time, the human, ethical or political practices, and history.

You'll also get access to superb library facilities and outstanding levels of support. No matter which degree you choose. On selected courses, we are offering a new way to complete your degree: using pathways. This is an alternative route that you can choose to take in the second year of your full-time undergraduate degree. It will tailor the modules you take in the rest of your course to focus on an area that you are passionate about, or want to base your future career around.

Explore our campus and facilities, find out more about the courses you're interested in and connect with our lecturers and current students. Join us to meet with lecturers from your postgraduate subject area of interest. All have experienced and friendly staff who can answer your IT queries, help you to access resources, show you how to research for your assignments and even help with referencing. Owned and managed by the University, the Reserve is bordered to the north by the River Trent and to the South by an area of grassland used for teaching and research.

Find out more about our Nature Reserve. This work experience may link to your degree, or it could be a broader experience. Our commitment will give students the best possible mix of knowledge and experience. You'll also meet specialist writers, publishers, teachers on our degrees. So you won't just learn from us. They will share their skills and experiences with you. We've also introduced workplace-based study.

This involves a research project in an industry environment of your choice. Developing your skills, these projects also give you valuable links with organisations. Our English, creative writing and philosophy courses offer you wide range of career choices. You'll find roles across publishing, marketing and the media. These might be schools, publishers, media companies or even advertising agencies.

Our graduates are successful. They've won the Manchester International Fiction Prize, become editors and acted as literary judges. Many go on to further study, such as MAs and PhDs. So, no matter which of our English, creative writing or philosophy courses you choose, you will open up wonderful selection of career options in relevant sectors.

The tutors are a credit to the University; they are always more than willing to aid in any way they can. It is because of that support that I was able to improve my grades. Some of the modules I study are workplace-based and involve a research project. This gives me the chance to establish valuable links with organisations that I might want to work for later on, such as schools, publishers, media companies or even advertising agencies.

The best thing about studying English here at Staffs is the analysis of not only what is going on in the text but what it can tell you about culture and society. I also supervise MA and PhD students. David is the course leader for Continental Philosophy.

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The range of writers who come out of graduate programs in creative writing make it difficult to argue that the MFA has somehow flattened. In your first year, you will embark on becoming a writer, including writing for the screen, whilst exploring central philosophical questions, such as whether. I think it may have begun with some confusion on my part stemming from momentarily forgetting that 'creative writing' is a proper name for a.