how to write a marketing campaign plan

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How to write a marketing campaign plan



Campaigns can also be simple — using a single medium, with a single message and call-to-action. Here are three examples of very simple campaigns:. Call the prospect; qualify the prospect further and determine next steps. Mail a postcard to attendees three weeks before the show; invite them to your booth with an intriguing incentive. Mail a special invite to key prospects and customers for a VIP reception.

Email the non-respondents one last time. Run banner ads on industry websites and targeted email newsletters. Create an intriguing story and tie it to your offer. Write a search-optimized press release and post it on your site; distribute release and pitch to a key industry reporter.

Run a series of paid search ads. You focus on an offer and call-to-action, and you touch your prospects several times and follow up when appropriate. You recognize the challenges in measuring results, but you do what you can; it helps you improve the next time around.

Access detailed step-by-step plans in our new marketing website. If you want to see what your target market is thinking or doing, there are cutting edge tools using AI for market research and market intelligence that can help you better understand how to shape your campaign creative and messaging. Projecting marketing ROI is a powerful exercise that forces you to think through and estimate results for the important metrics of your campaign:.

Access Here. Marketing Guides. Use search to generate traffic to your website. Receive information request from prospect via landing page form. This can then be further broken down to figure out the specifics on what channels of social media and how. Now that you have identified your target audience and determined what goals you seek to achieve, the next step is to brainstorm creative, value-driven ideas for your marketing campaign.

Think about the campaigns you have run in the past — which ones have worked and why. You should also study your competitors and their campaigns to have a better idea about how to stand out with your marketing campaign. Once you have decided on your campaign ideas, the next step involved is to select media channels for your campaign.

This determines how you wish to publicize your campaign. You have a wide variety of options which include internet marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, ads, influencer marketing and so much more. You can even combine different marketing channels and go for an integrated marketing campaign as well! Your marketing campaign plan should get your target audience to take interest in your brand.

This means that your campaign should have a key message or an incentive and a call-to-action that resonates with your audience. Depending on what your product or service is, you could offer a free trial, a limited discount, an e-book, or even a free webinar. Just makes sure that whatever you offer to your audience aligns with the action that you would like them to take after your campaign! When you are creating a marketing campaign plan, you should have a good idea about all the resources that you will be needing for your campaign.

You need to ask yourself if you would need freelancers or an outside agency to aid your campaign or if your in-house team would be able to manage it. You also need to list down all the specific creative assets such as any files, videos, equipment, etc. In a marketing campaign plan, it is imperative that you estimate the campaign metrics so that you can make an assumption about the money you will have to spend and measure your return on investment ROI. Even though it may not be completely accurate, you still can create estimates for response rates, conversion ratio and total revenue to be generated.

You can make an estimate of your total profit from the campaign by deducting the total cost of goods from the total revenue from the campaign. Easy peasy. We are so glad that you made it to the end of this blog, but did you really think we were just going to give you some tips and walk out?

Of course not! Nobody wants to sit down for a discussion just to make a plan. It seems like a waste of time, and truth be told, a boring process. Take a look at some of the features of Bit that make it an awesome tool for creating your documents:. Auto-Formatting — The last thing you want to think about while creating a marketing campaign plan is the format of your document.

It even provides you with its own collection of themes and you can change the color of the document with a click too! Real-Time Collaboration : Working on a marketing campaign plan is not a one-person job, it is a team effort. With Bit, you and your team can collaborate and work together on the same document, making changes and edits in real-time. It even lets you highlight sections, leave comments and mention people as well. Smart Workspaces: You might work with multiple teams when you are creating a marketing campaign plan, which is why it is important that everything is organized.

Bit lets you create infinite workspaces and folders around projects and teams to keep all your work organized. This lets you store all your information in a neat and orderly manner, making your work more efficient. Fully Responsive Templates : Bit provides you with a great variety of templates for your marketing-related documents. They are all fully responsive on every kind of device and make your process super easy! Interactive Documents : What if you could make your marketing campaign document interesting and fun?

Bit lets you do just that! You can add any kind of rich media such as videos, presentations, charts, maps, surveys and so much more in your documents and make them come to life! All-in-all, Bit has everything that your marketing campaign plan needs. So, what are you waiting for? Do yourself a favor and get Bit right now!

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Select the Business Goal for Your Marketing Campaign. Identify Your Target Audience. Determine Your Marketing Campaign Creative Concept.