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They will instead make a cash settlement, which reflects the market value at the time the loss happened. This is so a prospective buyer knows a vehicle was previously written off when conducting vehicle history checks. These checks also cover whether the vehicle is stolen or has outstanding finance, too. So, what do the categories mean?

Example of research paper about poverty keywords on an electronic resume

Example of research paper about poverty

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Ask an expert to get you the help you need. If you need academic paper help, here is a sample research paper on poverty that you can use. Poverty represents lack and there definitely are many people around the globe who are suffering from this problem. Thousands of families are not able to meet basic needs and it has over the years become a humiliating affair to them.

All those who are seeking for help in one way or another have been put in such a situation by poverty. Some of the reasons for poverty are man-made and can be alleviated. If you look at poverty essay titles, the causes of poverty are a popular theme among students. Research books and scholarly journal articles on the subject with these questions in mind:. Many poverty essay examples also consider the consequences of poverty for individuals and communities.

This theme is particularly important if you study social sciences or politics. Here are some questions that may give you ideas for this section:. Governments of most countries have policies in place to reduce poverty and help those in need. In your essay, you may address the policies used in your state or country or compare several different governments in terms of their approaches to poverty. Here is what you should think about:. Solutions to poverty are among the most popular poverty essay topics, and you will surely find many sample papers and articles on this subject.

This is because poverty is a global issue that must be solved to facilitate social development. Considering these questions in your poverty essay conclusion or main body will help you in getting an A:. Covering a few of these aspects in your essay will help you demonstrate in-depth understanding and analysis required to earn a high mark. Before you start writing, have a look around our website for more essay titles, tips, and interesting topics!

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. If you continue, we will assume that you agree to our Cookies Policy. Table of Contents. Learn More. The persistence of poverty can be attributed to poor governance and ignorance. The human population affects the environment negatively due to poverty resulting to environmental degradation and a cycle of poverty.

Poverty and the environment are interlinked as poverty leads to degradation of the environment. In conclusion parents are of great influence to the development of their children character. Drugs use and poverty are all parents fault, and has nothing to do with the child but they are a major […]. There are arguments that have been put forth in regard to the causes of poverty in various nations with some people saying that the governments in various nations are there to be blamed for their […].

Everyone in this world has different perception about luxury for example many people consider Television as the basic need of life in order to get information and current situation of the world where as some […]. Although the author does not expound on the various factor that enhance the growth and development of poverty, it is vivid that the world population in the modern society is facing a common economic threat.

In the contemporary world, the definition of poverty is often made international by bodies such as the World Bank and the United Nations bodies with a hypothetical line being described for the various regions of […]. Little progress has been shown to exist if one is to compare the late nineties and into the twenty first century but a lot still needs to be done to avert this catastrophe. The main reason for escalation of the problem of poverty is urban areas is because the intricate problems of urban poverty are considered too small to attract big policies.

Lack of assets, loan facilities and poor savings have played a role in contributing to the growth of poverty among single black women. The primary aim of the exploration was to relate and construe the experimental findings arising from the application of the FGT poverty standards reformulation to Brazilian domestic examination data. One of the major factors that have contributed to poverty in given areas of the world is overpopulation. Environmental degradation in many parts of the world has led to the increase of poverty in the […].

South Bronx is strictly the southwestern part of the borough of Bronx and Bronx is the only borough in New York city in the mainland. As research studies show, although there is a group of immigrants who belong to higher social classes, mostly because of their formal education levels, most of immigrants belong to the low socioeconomic class, as most […].

It has been shown that native status of the immigrant family does affect the amount of income earned by a family by Chapman and Berstein. In spite of the scale of the increase in the inequality, the political class in the US rarely discusses this subject in the public. The main features of the Grameen project are the availability to the poor people who have no credit history and are not able to borrow a loan from a bank because of the lack of […].

Most importantly, Pytor Pertovich Semyonova role was instrumental in the life of the peasants living before the revolution since he championed the passing of rules that were intended to guarantee the Russian peasants of their […].

The article compares the lives of people in the developed world represented by America and that of developing world represented by Brazil; It is about a school teacher who sells a young boy for adoption […]. The understanding of the needs of the poverty American rural and urban schools is the first step on the way to reforming the system of elementary and secondary education.

One of the reactions of the leaders and most especially the presidents under this period was to impose a policy of non-intervention by the federal government. The following are the factors that contribute to the poverty of women: First is the gender related roles; this is whereby women are only restricted to household roles. It is interesting to note that practically, all the problems that are linked to poverty, are either directly or indirectly caused by lack of or inadequacy of money, thus, it can confidently be said that […].

These pictures have been published online to show the world the gravity of the poverty situation in the African continent. The pictures represent the suffering of majority of the African people as a result of […]. In this paper, the importance of social justice manifests through the understanding of social deprivation, as opposed to the understanding of income levels in the achievement of social justice.

It is expected that through the various facts and arguments presented in this paper. Even though the average income of people living in developed countries is above the poverty line, the nations still experience concentrations of poverty especially when it comes to income inequality. Unfortunately, rather all of the stereotypes regarding poor people are widespread in many societies and this has served to further increase the problem of generational poverty.

Poor people are regarded to be in the state […]. The term war on poverty officially came into being in and referred to concerted government efforts to eradicate assiduous poverty in the United States of America. This reveals the nature of the interrelatedness of the whole boy of human rights and the need to address human rights in that context. It is however important to understand the causes of the environmental degradation and the ways to reduce them, which will promote the improvement of the environmental quality.

We will write a custom essay specifically for you! Apart from the two initiatives discussed above, another important initiative that can be used in the war against poverty is to engage the poor in programs of fighting poverty. When discussing about the role of multinationals in developing countries and the way they treat the economies, the writers are of the opinion that to avoid negative outcomes and promote the spirit of international corporation, […].

The majority of the conducted researches have reveals a positive relationship between the achievement and SES in all ages of children. Poverty and low socioeconomic status are closely related to cognitive development of children. In the present-day world, single-parent families are under a considerable threat due to the lack of support and the feeling of uncertainty that arises once one of the spouses leaves, whether it is due to […]. Inadequate fundamental learning, a wide gap between the incomes of the o-level learners and the professionals, among others, are some of the cited causes of the poverty, but lack of employment is the root cause.

Though global economy has raised the world productivity and living standards of the humans due to increased income, it has led to greater inequality within countries as evidenced among the less developed economies in Africa […]. The phrase Third World was initially used in the Cold War period to represent those countries that were neither on the West NATO nations referred to as the first world countries, nor on the East-Communist […]. Improving the living conditions and general well being of the people is not only the […].

One of the main disadvantages of the document is that the problem of poverty is not considered separately, but only as a part of other economic and social problems. The progress in achieving the first goal- to cut the number of people living in poverty by half- is evidenced by the high growth rates in China and India.

This has threatened the social security and peaceful coexistence of the people in the community. The larger the differences between the poor and the rich, the high are the chances of crime. The prevalence of poverty among women and the Aboriginal people in Canada is an issue that requires urgent concern. This is a clear indication that eradication of poverty among the women and Aboriginal people in […].

These people are the ones who are in a better position to accelerate the development of Africa because they have the skills that are required to take African states to another level. For example, the disparities in income and wealth are considered as a sign of poverty since the state is related to issues of scarcity and allocation of resources and influence.

He described the various aspects of the ownership of the means of production in the form of factories, machines and technology and emerging system of relations of production as an important determinants of classes. It was chosen by the World Bank for use in determining the poverty rates of poor countries. Therefore, the government has enacted the various measures that have to improve the level of life and the image of the country.

What is required is a commitment of the members to voice the concerns of the population to the US government to take actions that are aimed at ensuring that policies are put in place to […]. The present research seeks to achieve this through assessing the suggestion that today in the Western nations; the poor are now, for the first time in history, proportionately the most obese in the population groups.

In the s, the country witnessed a brutal civil conflict that was attributed to struggle for power and the interest of the foreign powers.



Research paper on poverty: Simple guidelines to consider When writing a research paper on poverty, students can consider the following tips: 1. The paper can be about the economic facets of poverty. The paper can also focus the demographic aspects of poverty with respect to a particular country or place. The paper can be about the negative effects of poverty.

The paper can focus on how poverty affects the life of children. Research paper on poverty: Useful tips and hints Students can write outstanding research paper on poverty, if they consider the following hints: 1. The paper can be presented as an informative type essay.

The paper can be presented as an argumentative type essay. The paper can be presented as a psychology essay. The paper should include a mesmerizing thesis statement. The paper should include flawless arguments with adequate supporting points. When writing research paper on poverty, students can insist the importance of seeking the right solution for a problem instead of going for poverty.

There are some situations where poverty is considered to be the correct solution. Early childhood longitudinal study has revealed that children experience smaller gains between kindergarten an third grade in areas of reading when exposed to child risk factors such as poverty.

Performance in school is affected by nutritional level of children. According to the Centre on Hunger Poverty; poor students perform significantly below level required of them as compared to non-poor students. Depression in parents has been found to be more common among low income parents. Research by National Centre for Children in Poverty has indicated that children below age six whose parents demonstrate substance abuse, depression, and domestic difficulties, are exposed to greater risk of use of food banks, homelessness, inadequate medical care unsafe or unreliable child care.

Research indicates that children from poor families experience emotional and behavioral problems more often as compared to those from non-poor families. For instance a study carried out on the low birth weight five-year-old shown that children in persistently poor grounds had more externalizing and internalizing behavioral problems as compared those from well off backgrounds. Girls from poor grounds are more vulnerable to pregnancy as compared to those from non-poor families. According to the National Institute of Child Health and Humans Development, teen mothers drop out of high school more often as compared to those from non poor families Children from teenage mothers are likely to perform poorly in high school and likely to repeat grade, performing poorly on standardized tests as compared to their counterpart from rich families.

Such children are most unlikely to complete their education. Poverty has many causes many of them being basic. They include; overpopulation, a situation of having a large number of people while the resources are inadequate and also an inadequate space. The large population cannot be satisfied by the scarce resource and the limited space thus resulting to lack of some basics. This cans also result from population density. Unequal distribution of resources is another cause of poverty whereby world economy is imbalanced as a result of unfair distribution of resources.

The problem of poverty is pervasive and massive in developing countries which in the recent decades have been trying to alleviate poverty by employing technology and industry. However social scientist still argues that developed countries practice a form of colonialism known as neocolonialism which increase poverty in developing countries.

High standard of living and cost of living is another cause of poverty. People in developed countries may have more wealth and resource than those in developing countries, thus their standards of living are generally high causing those who have what should be considered adequate resources in developing nations to be considered poor in developed countries.

Inadequate education and employment also play a greater role in the cause of poverty. Government in developing countries can not afford to foot the cost of availing good learning institutions especially in rural areas Such governments are also unable to create job opportunities to its people.

Other causes of poverty include environmental degradatory economy, demographic trade and individual responsibility and welfare dependency. Poverty influences children development in that experts have long recognized as essential to normal development. For instance economic stress interferes with position, high quality part children interactions.

Children living in poor families are socially isolated and painfully aware of the stigma and shame related to poverty. Reports on research carried out indicate that adults criticize and disapprove poor children. Living in poor families increase the chances of living in poor neighborhood which is more exposed to violence and inadequate social support for families.

Social isolation and shame, stressful parents-child relationship and poor neighborhood are examples of potential pathways through which poverty produce negative results. Other consequences of poverty include low quality child care, inability to provide good learning environment at home, and chronic exposion to violence and poor parental mental health. Several initiatives by the government can help alleviate poverty. The government should come up with preparatory urban processes that give advice in decision making to the poor and marginalized population with an aim to aid in eradication of poverty.

The government should also partner with communities, community based organizations and non-governmental organizations including advocacy groups to help them in establishment of good learning grounds and also provision of resources. The government should also initiate programs for the improvement of both the urban and the rural environment. The government should also collaborate with philanthropic organizations and foundations on social projects and also initiate special programs to help reach vulnerable groups.

The government should also come up with schemes like irrigation projects to help in the provision of food and production of agricultural produce. It should also adopt technology and industrialization to help in the creation of job opportunities. The government should also aim at improving infrastructure in both urban and rural areas.

In conclusion poverty is an epidemic that each and every other government should try and eradicate. Every effort should be employed inthewar against poverty for the well being of the society and the world in general. Learning institutions of higher quality should be put up to provide good learning environment. Job opportunities should be created for the educated individual to help fight poverty. Ascher, C. Improving school-home connection for low-income urban parents. Bandura, A.

Social cognitive theory: An agentic perspective. Annual Review of Psychology Annual WilsonWeb July 11, Bassey, M. Teachers for a changing society: Helping neglected children cope with schooling. The Educational Forum ,61 , Wilson Web June 30, We accept sample papers from students via the submission form.

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Note: this sample is kindly provided by a student like you, use it only as a guidance. ID Password recovery email has been sent to email email. Type of Paper. Essay Topics. Educational Tools. Long term effects of poverty on children Cognitive Abilities Research has indicated that poverty has greater effects on a child cognitive development and that when exposed to poverty for a long term, may result in more significant but quite reversible damages.

Physical Health According to National Centre for Health statistics, children brought up in poor environment develop poor health and are much likely to die as compared to those children from non-poor families or backgrounds. School Achievement Outcome School unreadiness is one of the most critical effects of child poverty in the classroom according to researchers.

Developing Country. Developing Countries. Emerging Markets.

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I want to address this project to a more climatic… University tuition fees affect every individual. Over the last couple of decades, the cost of tuition in the United States has nearly tripled. Due to the significant increase in expenses, obtaining a degree is becoming a difficult task to accomplish.

With such… College Education Poverty. There is an ongoing debate in the modern world that college should be free. Attaining a college degree in some circumstances should be free, and it used to be. Well believe it or not there actually was a time in this nation's history when students could attend public colleges for free. An act called the Morrill Act which was made official in allowed select colleges to be created by states on federal lands so that higher education could become… Undoubtedly, professional athletes are overpaid for their contribution to society.

Professional athletes simply chase a ball down a field, hit a ball with a stick, or throw balls in hoops, none of which help our country in the least. They are poor role models for children, they are selfish, and they do not contribute to society at all. So why are we paying them millions of dollars each year? Why do the youth aspire to be like them? What about… Today, many children live in single-parent homes more than ever before as rising at an alarming rate.

The living and parenting arrangements of single parents are as diverse. It is generally assumed that single-parent families have dire consequences for the children raised in them, consequences that extended throughout their lives. Many researchers look… On August 29, , Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, Louisiana with one of the most devastating natural disasters that America has ever come to face, taking the lives of over 1, people and leaving behind billions of dollars in property damage.

Through this research, I would like to seek a deeper understanding of the role social systems played in impacting the lives of the most underprivileged people in our society during a catastrophic event. A few days before Hurricane Katrina… The novel was considered to be one of the greatest novels in the 19th… In addition, spending on traffic accidents problems, government reduce the budget for fixe the road, upgrade, and build a new… Poverty affects many people in general.

I believe money can be earned by anyone but not everyone can earn the same amount as others. Money plays a big role in our society and our daily lives. We need money to buy our necessities. We need money for education purposes.

Money completes everything. Wealth is power. Happiness Policy Poverty Tax Wealth. Background Education is very important tool for human to learn and know, which helps to understand the surround and what is being logically and clearly. It is not only approaching to school, colleges and universities but basically it also begins to the home from the lap of mother. Therefore, home is considered as first school for the child, because parents and family members as well as adapting environment develops good manners, ethics, values, way of talking, good behavior and make… Child Education Literacy Poverty.

What Makes a Successful Learner? Howell suggests that learning barriers is a phrase used to indicate special attention which symbolize a medical or deficit approach to educational complications and finding difficulties within a learner. Howell further argues that learning complications may come from a number of factors, namely intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic and Extrinsic Barriers to Learning Sensory,… During the course of this book Dickens describes the conditions of the poor in very detail and we, as the readers, find out about poor in society.

In stave one Charles Dickens introduces to us what the unfortunate had to do for a living. These were factories… Entrepreneurial principles mostly focus on the goals and objectives of capitalist societies, that is, developing the economy in order to efficiently provide the people with their needs and demands in terms of basic needs, jobs, and such, through the proper management of available resources.

However, aside from the established purpose of entrepreneurship, there are still other meaningful ways by which entrepreneurial principles may be applied in real-life situations. Although entrepreneurship will always be tied up to the money-making nature of… Entrepreneur Entrepreneurship Poverty.

As a matter of fact globalization should not be allowed to operate freely. It is prone to generating insecurity, instability, injustice and inefficiency. It is the right of consumers to make contributions towards just and equitable societies. The consumers and consumer groups should take part in deciding the most effective policy approaches in the new global economy.

The consumers… Economics Policy Poverty. These 3 aspects will be discussed closely and individually to better understand the relationship with the subject of economics and the role it plays to move forward from a long-standing struggle to improve education, alleviate poverty, and end discrimination.

List and briefly explain any… Economics Poverty Social Issues. Many developing nations are experiencing rapid increases in population size, which gives researchers the reason to talk about the overpopulation and its impact on poverty. In underdeveloped nations, the population increase that was experienced by the developed nations much earlier is happening at this time. The population explosion Since the end of the nineteenth century, the death… In the recent past, the planet earth has been in peril and this can be mainly attributed to the activity of mankind.

In order to survive, mankind has explored the whole earth and made a discovery of so much natural endowments and treasures in this planet. Man has continually exploited the natural endowments indiscriminately as if there is no tomorrow generation. He has done this in attempt to satisfy his ever increasing demand for the environmental goods and services.

Gentrification, a silent and gradual process that can change a neighborhood completely has displaced a vast amount of people within different areas. What is gentrification exactly? The classic scenario of gentrification is when low working class neighborhoods are transformed into a more attractable and expensive place more suitable for middle class families; a drastic change in standard living. Gentrification has been occurring all throughout the world and has been spreading rapidly, leaving many people without a home.

Gentrification has happened… Gentrification Poverty Social Issues. This book is about the aids being given by the West to the poor. In his comparison of the two, he claims that in foreign aid, planners announce good intentions but don't motivate anyone to carry them out while searchers find things that work and get some reward.

Planners raise expectations… Give the response of Christianity and one other religion to wealth and poverty. Christians believe that if you have plenty of money then you should give to those less fortunate than yourselves. They teach that God blesses those who provide for the poor. They also say that the church should concern itself with the deprived and that they should have a responsibility to them. Jesus taught that your life should not revolve around money, Matthew 6 states that… They have a hard and electrical copy of such things as GP appointments from surgeries, infant mortality rates, hospital admissions, suicide rates and many other statistics.

They analyse this data by age, social class, gender and location of where the data is from and often make a comparison and study if there is a trend. After playing the believing game, my thinking about the topic has changed. Although it is good to increase the minimum wage, it is also advisable to check the cons associated with increasing the minimum wage and weigh the cons versus the pros in orde Why Free College is a Bad Idea In conclusion, university-level education ought to be free for students since a free system would give them the freedom to choose what they want to study, and it will help avoid the financial stress that the students have to go through.

In the curren Why Free College Is Necessary In conclusion, by lowering the price of higher education, there could be a dramatic jump in the number of pf students who attend college. As a result of more students attending college, people in the workforce would be more educated. This could benef In conclusion barriers do not only reside with the learner but factors such as socio-environmental issues are also a great concern.

Ponterotto described both constructivist and critical theories as primarily idiographic case studies and academic. The Philippines has traditions based on oral communication. Scope and Limitation This research work would seek to investigate a specific type of mentality among poor Filipinos in the context of their observational behavior that causes them to remain in poverty for the rest of their life.

The range that this study may take will depend upon certain topics under discussion; hence, other references may be quoted for that matter. Figure 1. The survey conveys significant meaning in analyzing and interpreting the problem under discussion, hence, reference and use of these materials are indispensable in this research.

And in order to analyze the problem, an objective interpretation of these surveyed data is necessary. Such objective interpretation is possible only by employing the Convenience Sampling method to determine the qualitative signification of said research. A descriptive and analytic approach is to be employed in the entire presentation, analysis and interpretation of this research study.

Figure 2. The annual population growth rate is 1. Since , the Philippine economy has grown modestly. The country is well endowed with mineral and non-oil energy resources; and its economy is buoyed up by remittances from overseas Filipino workers. However, there remain major problems such as high poverty levels, widespread unemployment, a large government deficit, and massive external debt.

The industrial sector is concentrated in urban areas. Inadequate infrastructure, transportation, communication, and electrical power inhibit faster industrial growth Macionis, The government is seeking to revitalize the economy by encouraging both foreign and domestic investment and by restoring free-market forces.

Among the basic social concerns of Filipinos, health and nutrition, housing, utilities, and the environment, and income and consumption stand out most in relation to the study conducted by the researchers Mangahas, These concerns reflect the individual aspiration to obtain a better quality of human life through improved welfare defined by upward social mobility or conspicuous consumption of luxury goods such as jewelries and electrical appliances.

Filipinos desire to live long with the absence of infirmity, malnourishment, and mental disability. They possess an unquestionable, natural need to satisfy their wants through the sufficient purchase of products and services, which may only be adequately done through the acquisition of pecuniary gains. It is vital for Filipinos to obtain satisfactory housing, uncontaminated and ample water supply, affordable electricity, and unpolluted surroundings. The procurement of such basic physical needs will assist people to become free from poverty and allow them to create a more open society with equal opportunities to select individual roles Tullao, Based on studies conducted by Victor Pattenden, the inability to provide for basic food in terms of calorie intake and shelter increased from Thirty-eight percent of Filipino families do not have solid-structure shelter.

Access to safe drinking water declined from Special effort must be made that the citizens of the less developed regions take an active part in so far as circumstances allow, in their economic betterment Mater et Magistra, Postcolonial theory attempts to shift the dominant ways in which people perceive the world Young, In a different way, it resumes anti-colonial struggles of the past.

Historically, European powers deemed the west, subjected many regions, the non-west, to colonial and imperial rule. The basis of such anthropological theories was the concept of race. In simple terms, the west-non-west relation was thought of in terms of whites versus the non-white races Young, , p. Young mentioned that white culture was and still is the basis for the dominant culture, which can encompass government, law, economics, science, language, music, art, and literature.

Postcolonial theory also acknowledges that national sovereignty has been achieved in many countries and many have attained postcolonial status Young, However, it recognizes that the major world powers have not changed since this decolonization had taken place and a form of domination often still continues, and continues to feed off of racism.

One example of this idea today is neocolonialism, where colonialism takes on the form of cultural imperialism, capitalism, and globalization Young, In a literal sense, colonists are no longer physically present but their values, attitudes, and beliefs that have been imposed and ingrained on the indigenous population continue to hold power, and so, hegemonic powers still intrude in some form from a distance, and the indigenous population is still oppressed.

He explained that racial inequality and cultural imposition by the dominant group on non- dominant groups is similar to formal colonial processes David, This idea can be applied to the Philippines. After Filipinos defeated the Spanish after three hundred years of colonization, the Americans came in and continued this colonization for almost fifty more years.

Thus, postcolonial theory serves as a backdrop to this study to name and recognize the effects of colonialism in order to break its dominating and silencing consequences. Strobel pointed out many Filipino and Filipino American scholars have added to the understanding of post-colonialists theory. The ideas mentioned above frame colonial mentality and the process of decolonizing the mind. Internalized Racial Oppression. As postcolonial theory indicates, many people today are still feeling the effects of colonialism and cultural imperialism Young, Speight prompted for further research to be done on the relationship between internalized racial oppression, racial incidents, and psychological injury.

That internalized racial oppression exists and racial incidents happen are important to note, but calling for a closer look into the effects of psychological injury is especially important. How to prevent these psychological injuries and how to cope will be noteworthy to uncover in further research as well Speight, Identifying and defining internalized racial oppression here is important because it is synonymous with colonial mentality.

The concept of colonial mentality is referred to in a handful of empirical studies Felipe, ; Ferrera, ; Lehman, ; Murillo, , which I will delve into more deeply in the ensuing paragraphs. Colonial Mentality David and Okazaki b constructed the colonial mentality scale CMS in order to measure it in a quantifiable way. They broke down colonial mentality into four different parts.

David used this same scale to measure the rate of depression and how colonial mentality might be related to this mental illness. This has brought some attention to how colonial mentality might be related to mental health in the Filipino population. Colonial mentality was further broken down by David into overt and covert forms in another study, to further delineate how colonial mentality manifests in a population.

Overt colonial mentality relates to actions taken by a person that exhibits this way of thinking, such as discriminating against Filipino immigrants, and covert colonial mentality involves internalized negative views about oneself, such as feeling ashamed of Filipino culture. In addition, David conducted a quantitative study over the internet using an Implicit Association Test to capture covert and automatic aspects of colonial mentality and found that it may be a valid tool for capturing these facets of colonial mentality that a self-report survey may not illustrate.

A limitation was the finite nature of stimuli in the test and that it only catered to a particular population i. David also said that the connection between overt colonial mentality and mental health may be dependent on the covert aspect of colonial mentality. Overall, this researcher created an important way to measure this concept and has shown through these empirical studies that colonial mentality in fact exists in overt and covert forms within Filipino populations.

He hopes that it will be used as a model to understand other oppressed groups. Acknowledging that colonial mentality exists is important, and several other studies touch on this concept and measure it in different ways Felipe, ; Lehman discovered that a complicated connection exists between Filipino cultural values and negative body images, and colonial mentality is a significant factor. Lehman suggested that: Out of the process of colonization emerged a new Filipino culture, forced to adapt to the standards of Western ideals in order to preserve their cultural legacy.

Colonial mentality as manifested in present day Filipino might be the remnants of this adaptation and appears to have lasting effects on not only the racial identity of Filipino, but also how others perceive themselves and others physically. This author also mentioned clinical implications, including the importance of factoring in cultural expectations and ethnic identity into the assessment and treatment for body image disturbances and to assess how prevalent colonial mentality factors into a Filipino Lehman, Felipe conducted a quantitative study that uses colonial mentality as a framework in her examination of sexist and racist discrimination experienced by Filipino women, and additionally examines clinical implications.

Differences of experiences in colonial mentality among varying generations were examined. These manifestations may be linked to negative mental health outcomes like depression and lowered self-esteem, and she used this study to inform clinical treatment Felipe, The author highlighted the importance of examining how colonial mentality is expressed specifically to better recognize and understand its psychological impacts and called for further research on this topic Felipe, This study uncovered how these intersections might illuminate factors that contribute to depression.

Again, mental health was an element of interest in this study. The study sought to understand the role of colonial mentality in ethnic identity development, and how this impacted bicultural competence, and overall mental and emotional well-being Ferrera, Through individual interviews and focus groups, Ferrera gathered data and had participants complete a self-selecting questionnaire to measure ethnic identity, perceived discrimination, colonial mentality, depression, and self-esteem, among other measures.

Murillo assessed the relationship between ethnic identity, colonial mentality, and the parenting style of Filipinos. The author discovered that a relationship exists between ethnic identity and parenting style and that no relationship exists between colonial mentality and ethnic identity Murillo, I thought it was interesting that this researcher did not find a relationship between colonial mentality and ethnic identity, and my study addressed these concepts further.

Here, David and Nadal acknowledged colonial mentality and the continued effects on mental health but focused on the Filipino immigrant experience. Conversely, this research is focused on the second generation and subsequent generations Filipino American experiences with colonial mentality and mental health. She followed a group of eight Filipinos in Northern California who immigrated after for over a year. She had the group participate in in-depth group dialogues and interviews to discuss and then write about their decolonization experience.

Her research questions focused on the manifestations of decolonization, the turning points where participants felt the need to reconnect or rediscover their ethnic roots, what participants did to decolonize, and the role of the Filipino community, the educational system, and popular culture in decolonization Strobel, Strobel deconstructed decolonization into three categories in a detailed chart. Revilla proposes some strategies such as questioning racism and getting involved in political and cultural activism.

De Jesus and Root compiled essays and stories by Filipino and Filipino American authors into books that addressed loss and trauma within Filipino history. The narratives display the depth of the multi-faceted Filipino American experience.

Woven into many of these stories and studies at separate times is colonial mentality, identity, decolonization, and mental health, and my study addressed the intersection of all of these themes. On the other hand, the sample survey allows the researcher to secure uniform but superficial information about some portion of the population. As scholars, they are to enjoy free tuition fees and other privileges accorded to them by CHED. Materials: The instrument used in this experiment to measure the reliability of the research is the Convenience Sampling formula for the purpose of determining the probability of understanding the mindset of poor Filipinos in the urban and rural areas of the city of Zamboanga.

Survey questionnaires are to be distributed to each of the respondents for purposes of eliciting answers from them conveniently designed in the most comprehensible manner befitting to their level of understanding. Research Design: This study utilized the descriptive survey method.

This method was preferred for this kind of study because it deals more on fact-finding with adequate interpretation. The main intention in using this method is to collect data for problem solving rather for hypothesis. Descriptive research involves collection of data in order to answer the question concerning the current status of the subject under this particular study.

It determines and qualifies the attitudes and opinions of the group of persons that provide information needed for the research. The questions are so simple that it can immediately be answered from even an ordinary person without formal education. This qualitative study entitled: Poverty and the Filipino Mindset has stemmed from the personal concern of the researcher to identify the problems among the most marginalized poor people in the city of Zamboanga with an income bracket of less than ten 10 thousand pesos monthly, with no permanent jobs and who does not own any house and lot.

The study involves thirty seven 37 key informants. Adopting the Survey Questionnaires Method, this study focuses on the following specific areas of concern. To determine the socio-economic mindsets of poor people who are in dire poverty and whose mentality dispossesses them the ability to overcome their state of affairs to better improve their financial conditions. The questionnaires was specifically formulated to anchor upon the respondents economic conditions such as property ownership if they have any , education and training, ethnicity, socio-economic barriers or inequity, environmental influence, psychological influences, religious beliefs and social upbringing to mention a few.

The following tables below shows the total number of participants who are students coming from the different barangays of the City of Zamboanga and are enrolled in various courses offered at WMSU. It also illustrates the various responses of the respondents regarding the questions drawn out for them in the questionnaires. Table 4. I am poor because my parents are lazy. Many of these very poor families would even be contented in savoring rice with a very little amount of salt.

There exists, as the table shows, a kind of physiological deprivation as when people are poor because they lacked the necessary income for these basic necessities. Both income and basic needs are concepts of poverty that stems from physiological deprivation.

The poor are most vulnerable to financial and price shocks and natural disasters. Often their efforts to cope with these shocks and make up for lost livelihoods and income result in deeper levels of indebtedness. This is followed by 10 out of the 37 respondents who said that being timid or not ingenious walang diskarte was their answer to the same question elicited.

Clearly, this indicates that lack of education is still the common ground why poor people are timid and they find it hard to look for better opportunities to improve their lives. Lacked of education grounds the very character of poor individuals from exerting ingenious effort to better themselves in life.

Lack of education and lack of opportunities are closely interrelated since education is the gateway for all kinds of opportunities open to the individuals seeking for means of survival. Poor people wanted They have accepted their socio-economic to remain poor 11 11 Again, such manifestations are but indicators of psychological disorder over a long period of colonialism that has metamorphosed the poor to become subservient, meek, indolent, inferior, lack of initiative, mendicant attitude and countless other negative traits known to Filipinos and foreigners.

Colonial mentality is what serious minded people like us use to call it, and it is a kind of sickness. In effect, some of the so-called beneficiaries would just take the advantage in getting the money and use it for capital like buying pigs for small time piggery purposes without really enrolling in college. Some parents do not even encourage their children to go to school because they simply wanted them to start working and earn a living to help augment their financial need.

This reality is commonly existing in the rural communities were the poverty index is higher than those in the urban areas. The survey also found that According to the PSA, the national poverty threshold in stood at P10, per month, meaning a family of five needed to earn that much to be able to eat, have shelter, travel, buy medicine, or go to school, among other life necessities.

Again, this is due to simple ignorance or lack of education. A mental condition or disease that shackles them for years or even for their entire lifetime. This has to be remedied in order for it to be put to stop. Filipinos love the drama of miracles. This researcher is a Catholic but he does have a problem with fanatic devotions that bring unnecessary harm.

They have more days to do that in a more solemn manner because the image is just inside the Quiapo church. The truth is miracles happen every day. And the good and reliable ones are those that are disguised in everyday opportunities to improve our lives. This mental disease has to be cured if only to gradually resolve the issue of poverty among the people not only in Zamboanga City but more so all over the country along with other factors external to the person in dire poverty.

Their experiences of poverty in the crucial years of their mental development negatively affected their capacity to learn and their ability to regulate negative emotions — factors that may impede their economic progress as adults.

Furthermore, poverty itself impedes their cognitive function, making them prone to bad decisions that could worsen their situation. Some poor Filipinos are happy not because they have a loser mentality. Some poor Filipinos are happy simply because nothing is preventing them from feeling otherwise. In any case, one should not call poor people losers, because by doing so will only reinforce the psychological barriers that impede their cognitive functioning. The debilitating mindset of every Filipino, be they affluent or lacking, is the main cause of poverty in this country.

It is in the thinking and believing that nothing else can be done for one to prosper and have a good life. What we think, we act, and we feel are all the result of an improper mindset with too much religion. There is nothing wrong on being religious because humans need it for spiritual guidance, but this is ridiculous.

So what if God loves poor people? And the rest is a resultant of it. The people in the culture of poverty have a strong feeling of marginality, of helplessness, of dependency, of not belonging. They are like aliens in their own country, convinced that the existing institutions do not serve their interests and needs. Along with this feeling of powerlessness is a widespread feeling of inferiority, of personal unworthiness.

People with a culture of poverty have very little sense of history.

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Children brought up below the poverty line are 1. Many people aim and wishes people are greatly affected by. In conclusion poverty is an epidemic that each and every other government should try and. Shockingly, the reality for billions the United States there are aroundindividuals who are homeless, and from that an higher tuition fees and labor. Every effort should be employed law is greatly needed to make a life easier. Inadequate education and employment also education should be free for. Poverty influences children development in at improving infrastructure in both retard physical growth permanently, cognitive. So why are we paying them millions of dollars each. Obstacles we can all relate. I want to address this play a professional mba thesis advice role in well being of the society.

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