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Sample objectives of research paper sample resume for stewardess

Sample objectives of research paper


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It also helps to see a research methodology sample and a research paper outline as a guide. Also, the researcher needs to elaborate on the reasons behind selecting a specific method as well as the rationale as to why the other methods were vetoed, this is best done by assessing and presenting the pros and cons because this also needs to be stated in the dissertation methodology section.

The Dissertation methodology must be written in a manner that is concise, clear, and precise. The researcher needs to provide all the information on the methods used; making sure that it can be duplicated by the reader in a separate setting. The researcher needs to justify the Research Methods utilized and described in the material. Again, emphasize the pros and cons of the various research methods with respect to the discipline of the research topic.

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The next step is making research methodology objectives. In making the research objectives, one may contemplate on the following tips:. Establish the aim of the Research material, making sure that the objectives jive with it. It serves to emphasize the purpose of the research material and address the long- term results, meaning, they need to mirror the expectations of the Research.

Once again, with regards to consistency, the aims of the project should be connected to the objectives Employ Measurable, Attainable, and Realistic principles in the constructing the objectives. The Objectives should provide the researcher and the Research Assessors with indicators as to how the researcher will tackle the Related Literature, Essay methodology example and theories on the selected topic It should grant the researcher with a plan or strategy on how to handle the collection and processing of the research information.

Outline for Your Research Paper. The Research paper outline generally follows the following parts:. The researcher may forego the cover page of the research paper unless otherwise indicated by the Adviser or Teacher.

This is also known as the cover page. One can safely say that the Abstract is the sum total of the material. This enables the reader to understand the rationale behind the research work, and should not be more than 2 pages in length. It is the summary of the Research work and highlights the solution of the presented problem and the more specific sub- problems.

To come up with a descriptive research paper that meets the needs of the assessor, the research paper format may make us of the two most commonly employed format and the research paper components may vary. The APA style research paper is a descriptive research paper most often used when a research topic is within the discipline of the social sciences or when the researcher needs to cite social sciences sources.

The guidelines of an APA format will include encoding the material double- spaced on 8. This practice violates one of the most basic ethical principles: The ends do not justify the means. The embryonic stem cell research has been dubbed as an ethical dilemma for it has two contradicting moral principles. The responsibility to stop any pain or suffering of a human being or alleviate it.

The moral responsibility of respecting the sanctity of an unborn human life. The first duty of a scientist regarding the embryonic stem cell research is to prevent any suffering or diseases. It is given that the medical field is aiming to prevent any human disease to cause death. However, the embryonic stem cell research has not yet proven its effectiveness in regenerative medicine. In fact, there are reports that stem cells from embryos can cause tumor generation. Additionally, embryonic stem cell research is still under investigation and does not have the responsibility to immediately prevent any human disease.

This argument is contradictory to the unethical aspect of the research but it is also a weak proposition. The second duty of scientists to respect the sanctity of life is the clear unethical aspect of the research. Embryonic stem cell research has been very promising to many scientists. It is known that the level of mitosis in the embryo is very helpful in understanding the growth of new organs.

The stem cells from the embryos are pluripotent. This actually means that they can be differentiated in the laboratory and programmed to grow into different kinds of cell. Blood cells and even nerve cells are included in that scope. However, the harvesting process of the cells has been contested.

The process will destroy the blastocyst or the zygote itself Pacholczyk, The moral value of the embryos has been debated over time. Ever since the legalization of abortion in some other countries, the moral value of the embryos has been still a hot topic. There are proofs on what is the real moral status of the embryo with respect to religions. The following section will discuss the position of the moral status of the embryo.

There are many views regarding the true moral value of an embryo. This varies from religion to religion. According to a report by Euro Stem Cell official website , there are 5 viewpoints about the embryonic stem cell research with respect to bioethics. The human body produces reproductive cells. These cells eventually met during intimate sexual intercourse between a male and a female. The process of the development of a baby from the embryo is clear evidence that human life is emerging from it.

It is also evident that any attempt of destroying the embryo would stop the emergence of human life. Thus, the embryo starting from day 1 should be given respect the same with that of a person. This is a counter argument against the embryo having full moral status right after fertilization. The 14 day period is the time by which the embryo could still divide and form two identical embryonic cells. Additionally, the cell could also die within that 14 day period.

Scientists also argue that the formation of the nervous system is still after 14 days. This implicates that the embryo is not yet a person. However, the argument still has a loophole. The embryo could not skip the 14 day period. Thus, the process of human development is continuous and disrupting any part of the process is unethical.

Harvesting the embryonic stem cell before the 14 day period is not moral because of the fact that the life is there even if there is a slim chance that it could die. Killing it first is evidently stopping the process of human development. The fertilization process happens right after the sperm reaches the internal membrane of the egg cell.

The case of in vitro fertilization is different. The embryonic cell is implanted into the uterus of the female acceptor. This means that the cell could not be destroyed within that period of time. Conducting a research to excess embryos formed by in vitro fertilization is good given that those cells were not killed in the process. Secondly, the embryo forms its nervous system after 14 days. The embryo begins to form its human body.

This would increase the moral status of the embryo. Thus, it is more unethical to harvest it or to use it for embryonic stem cell research. As days pass by, more tissues will be developed. The programmed cell development of the fetus would likely support the personhood of the cell. It is very clear that disrupting the process at any point would be very unethical, most especially if the baby is aborted just to harvest the stem cells Hug, This argument is a counterargument against the unethical aspect of the embryonic stem cell research.

However, this is still not sufficient to pursue the research. The embryo is a cell that is programmed to develop as a human being after 9 months. The embryo is a special cell. It is a combination of two different cells from two different reproductive systems. It is also clear that after fertilization the embryo is a human being in its primitive form. The decision is not from us whether to take the life of the cell of the embryo during its development or not.

Natural processes can let the embryo live or die. Thus, it the human life starts at the fertilization and the embryo ahs full moral status even if it is just a cell. Stem cell research offers so much to the world of medicine. However, considering bioethics is also a must for them. Stem cell research has two branches. Adult stem cells have been proven to be effective, but it is not as promising as that of the embryonic stem cell research.

In any case, adult stem cell research is ethical. On the other hand, embryonic stem cell research involves the disruption of a process. This process involves the development of human life. Thus supporting it or performing it is very unethical. In conclusion, the embryo has full moral status at fertilization and should be respected the same with a fully developed human being.

Moreover, humankind is tasked to protect life and that includes our own kind. Mozo, Vicki , March Hug, K. Pacholczyk, Tadeusz. Trinity International University. O'Brien, Edwin F. We accept sample papers from students via the submission form. If this essay belongs to you and you no longer want us to display it, you can put a claim on it and we will remove it. Just fill out the removal request form with all necessary details, such as page location and some verification of you being a true owner.

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Essay Topics. Educational Tools. Moral Status of the Embryo: There are many views regarding the true moral value of an embryo. Beginning from fertilization, the embryo has full moral status. The day period of the fertilized egg needs special protection. The moral status of the embryo increases as it develops on a daily basis. The embryo is just a cell.

Conclusion: Stem cell research offers so much to the world of medicine.