steps of organization in comparison/ contrast essays

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Steps of organization in comparison/ contrast essays top dissertation writer sites usa

Steps of organization in comparison/ contrast essays



If your focus is on comparison, you should select two subjects that may seem to lack any relation. For a comparison essay, one may not select 2 oranges or 2 apples since they have numerous similarities already. Instead, one should attempt to conduct a comparison of the similar aspects between both oranges and apples.

Similarly, if you choose to contrast two subjects, it would not be sensible to pick oranges and apples; rather, you may choose to compare and contrast two types of apples or two types of oranges to illuminate the indefinite differences. For instance, Granny Smiths are acidic and tart, whereas red delicious apples are sweet. Getting differences between subjects in a similar category will enhance the understanding of the audience as regards that category.

Fortunately, this is the reason behind writing a compare and contrast essay. The two chosen subjects should have differences, but have some similarities as well, to create a compare and contrast essay which is impeccable. For instance, if your choice of topic is to write about two different historical figures, it would be sensible to choose 2 great artists, as opposed to a politician and an artist. Some topic examples include;. Make one list for differences, and the other for similarities.

The success of this technique can be facilitated by a Venn diagram. Below is an example of a Venn diagram;. It is quite simple; have two circles which overlap. Each of them represent each of the topics that are under comparison.

The different aspects are separately noted, whereby the shared traits are placed in the overlapping space shared space. The visual aid is very helpful, since it clearly organizes differences and similarities. To write the essay and decide what aspects you should focus on, you should simply check the diagram.

After analyzing the list made above, choose the most significant aspects to lay your focus on. What is the contribution of the differences and similarities to the topic? As the last sentence of a well written introduction, a compare and contrast essay should have a thesis which explicitly states the two subjects being contrasted, compared, or both, and the reason for that. The thesis could focus on contrasting, comparing, or both. Below is an example of a thesis which focuses on contrasting:.

Thesis Statement: private universities may be more expensive than the public ones, but when put to the test, they are definitely worth every extra penny. The essay is expected to bring one or both subjects into sharper focus and show that one is better than the other. A compare and contrast essay might also lead to a new way of looking at something. You should always have a good understanding of the title before start writing an essay.

Compare and contrast essays can basically include three types of questions. Some topics may only ask for similarities and others for differences. Some topics may require both compare and contrast. For example,. Compare and contrast Islam and Buddhism. Next step is gathering information. Write down all the characteristics, qualities or attributes of each thing — both similarities and differences.

You can use a Venn diagram to easily separate the differences and similarities. After you have written down all the qualities or attributes, select the most important ones out of them. Use a Venn diagram to easily separate the differences and similarities. Before you start writing the essay, you should decide on the organization of the essay.

There are several ways of organizing a compare and contrast essay. In this type of essay, you begin by describing one subject first. After describing all the characteristics of that subject, you move on to the next subject. For example, imagine you are comparing apples and oranges. Instead of discussing the two subjects separately, this structure compares them side by side.

In this structure, each paragraph will discuss a main point, and information regarding both subjects.

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You may organize compare-and-contrast essays in one of the following two ways:. See Figure The organizational structure you choose depends on the nature of the topic, your purpose, and your audience. Given that compare-and-contrast essays analyze the relationship between two subjects, it is helpful to have some phrases on hand that will cue the reader to such analysis. See Table Use the point-by-point organizing strategy for one of them, and use the subject organizing strategy for the other.

First choose whether you want to compare seemingly disparate subjects, contrast seemingly similar subjects, or compare and contrast subjects. Once you have decided on a topic, introduce it with an engaging opening paragraph.

Your thesis should come at the end of the introduction, and it should establish the subjects you will compare, contrast, or both as well as state what can be learned from doing so. The body of the essay can be organized in one of two ways: by subject or by individual points. The organizing strategy that you choose will depend on, as always, your audience and your purpose. You may also consider your particular approach to the subjects as well as the nature of the subjects themselves; some subjects might better lend themselves to one structure or the other.

Make sure to use comparison and contrast phrases to cue the reader to the ways in which you are analyzing the relationship between the subjects. After you finish analyzing the subjects, write a conclusion that summarizes the main points of the essay and reinforces your thesis. Many business presentations are conducted using comparison and contrast. The organizing strategies—by subject or individual points—could also be used for organizing a presentation. Keep this in mind as a way of organizing your content the next time you or a colleague have to present something at work.

Choose one of the outlines you created in Exercise 3, and write a full compare-and-contrast essay. Be sure to include an engaging introduction, a clear thesis, well-defined and detailed paragraphs, and a fitting conclusion that ties everything together. Skip to content Comparison and Contrast Writing for Success Learning Objectives Determine the purpose and structure of comparison and contrast in writing. Explain organizational methods used when comparing and contrasting.

Understand how to write a compare-and-contrast essay. Exercise 1 Brainstorm an essay that leans toward contrast. Romantic comedies Internet search engines Cell phones. Exercise 2 Brainstorm an essay that leans toward comparison. Department stores and discount retail stores Fast food chains and fine dining restaurants Dogs and cats.

Exercise 4 Choose one of the outlines you created in Exercise 3, and write a full compare-and-contrast essay. Key Takeaways A compare-and-contrast essay analyzes two subjects by either comparing them, contrasting them, or both. The purpose of writing a comparison or contrast essay is not to state the obvious but rather to illuminate subtle differences or unexpected similarities between two subjects. The thesis should clearly state the subjects that are to be compared, contrasted, or both, and it should state what is to be learned from doing so.

There are two main organizing strategies for compare-and-contrast essays. Organize by the subjects themselves, one then the other. Organize by individual points, in which you discuss each subject in relation to each point. Use phrases of comparison or phrases of contrast to signal to readers how exactly the two subjects are being analyzed. Explain to the reader why you have chosen these ideas. Provide them with some background information. Explain what the key point is.

Use an introduction to inform your reader about the central question of your essay. Make sure to include relevant information regarding your subject. Write a powerful thesis. Remember that the thesis should express the most crucial idea of the whole paper. It is just one sentence or a maximum of two sentences, which should be hooking. Compare and Contrast Essay Structure There are two approaches to the compare and contrast essays' organizational structure discussed below.

Introduce two subjects or more that you will compare and make a transition to the thesis statement. First Body Paragraph. Discuss the first argument of the first subject. Second Body Paragraph. Review the first subject's second argument. Third Body Paragraph. Make a changeover to the discussion of the first argument of the second subject.

Outline the similarities and differences with the first argument of the first subject. Fourth Body Paragraph. Discuss the second subject's second argument and show what is similar and different from the second subject of the first argument. Emphasize the similarities and differences between the two subjects. Make sure not to repeat any claims and don't introduce new information.

Introduce two subjects that you will compare and make a transition to the thesis statement. Point One. Discuss the first point of both subjects. Compare and contrast arguments of these points in each subject. Point Two. Repeat Step One but use the second point of your subjects while comparing and contrasting. Point Three. Review the third point of your subjects and make a comparison of their arguments.

At the same time, a compare and contrast essay should identify intricate details of your topics. You shouldn't pay much attention to irrelevant or straightforward things that your reader can figure out independently. If you talk about complex aspects only, you will successfully address your chosen topics' similarities or differences. Important tip: make sure that your transition from one point of a topic to another is smooth and free-flowing.

You wouldn't want the reader to get baffled by vague sentencing and improper structuring. Conclusion: Ace the 5-Paragraph Compare and Contrast Essay So the next time you are assigned a 5-paragraph compare and contrast essay, remember to do your research, organize your thoughts and indulge in key takeaways from this article.

A good thesis statement needs to be specific and should encourage a good discussion around the topic, but should not exceed a single line of thought. How to cite sources in essays mla format. Types of hooks for argumentative essays to sources essay mla cite an in How format essay layout pinterest essay about methods of philosophizing.

The Modern Language Association MLA has its own guidelines for citing sources, and you may be required to use them by your instructor or field. Modern Language Association MLA is the most common style used when citing sources and writing papers within the liberal arts and humanities. MLA refers to a set of rules and formatting guidelines that are used by researchers within the humanities and liberal arts. For example, here are the headers for - essays in mla format : how to cite sources in essays in mla format citing essays in mla format examples of essays in mla format essay in mla format template 5 paragraph essay on swimming asa essay format sample mla essay title italicized hard work an.

Critical essay examples pdf worksheets. The following is a basic outline of a critical essay, the kind that might be written in a composition, literature, or film class. How To Write A Critical Essay A critical essay seeks to provide an analysis or interpretation of either a book, a piece of art or a film. Content of this article How to write a critical essay Purposes of writing Preparation process Research Structure Finalizing an essay How to choose topic for a critical writing Samples 1.

For example, here are the headers for - critical essay examples pdf : critical essay examples pdf presentation critical essay examples pdf writing Critical Thinking Scenario Nursing Essay Critical thinking is an essential part of a nurses professional growth because it determines the quality of decisions made in the course of practice. It is considered detached evaluation meaning the reader weighs the coherence of the reading and completeness of data before accepting or rejecting it.

This 3 paragraph literary analysis essay build. Expository essay thesis statement examples. All essays should have a thesis statement because it is the basic element of nearly any type of paperapart from perhaps creative writing.