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How to write an business email


An error-free email demonstrates diligence and professionalism. Before you send an email, take a moment to check for any spelling, grammar or syntax errors. If it is an important email to critical stakeholders, you might ask your direct supervisor or a trusted colleague to read over it before you send it. Include a courteous greeting and closing to sound friendly and polite. Additionally, be considerate of the recipient and their time. Most people receive several emails per day, so they might miss or forget to respond to your message.

Related: 20 Ways to Start an Email. There are five elements to consider when formatting your email. Here is a breakdown of each:. This is a short phrase that summarizes the reason for your message or the goal of your communication. It is important to include a subject line when sending a professional email so your audience knows exactly what to expect and is able to locate the message easily if needed.

For example:. This is the first line of your email and generally acts as the greeting. Please let me know if you have any questions. This is the last line of your email before your signature and should wrap up your message. Thanks again! The signature is where you identify yourself by name, title and any other information relevant to your communications. Related: Guide to Writing a Business Email. I hope this message finds you well. This is a three-month project beginning February 1st, and we estimate it will take roughly 15 hours per week.

I look forward to hearing from you. The marketing strategy meeting scheduled for this afternoon has been canceled. I apologize for the late notice, but I know everyone will welcome the extra time back in their day. We will reconvene at our regularly scheduled time next Wednesday. I just wanted to check back in regarding the date for your meeting with Mr. Just let me know whether June 5 or June 6 works better for your schedule.

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Start Your Email with Greetings There are many variations of greetings that you can start your email with, but the most standard ones are: Dear Firstname Lastname Dear Mr. Informal vs Formal Your manner of speaking depends on who you are talking to. Here are some examples demonstrating different ways to write the same thing: Informal : Can you …? Write a Closing to Your Email Okay, you are almost there, but here is another thing to do: As you have already constructed your email beautifully, it requires a beautiful closing too.

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When proofreading a business email, try to think of yourself as the recipient reading the email to ensure you have used the appropriate tone, style and format. Finally, if there are supposed to be attachments double check that you have attached the documents before sending the email. Here is an example of two different types of business emails written by the same person. One is written to a colleague and the other is written to a customer:. I am writing this email to let you know the project deadline for the sales contest project we have been working on has been moved up one week.

The new deadline is December 20 instead of December Because of this change, we will need to make adjustments to the timeline to ensure each task of the project is completed by the deadline. I have attached an updated project timeline proposal. Please review and let me know if you will be able to complete your assigned tasks by the new deadlines.

Let me know if there are any questions or concerns. Thank you for trusting Life Touch Insurance Group with your family's life insurance needs. We know that securing your family's financial future is an important step for you and your family. We appreciate that you have chosen us to protect your family's future security. I have attached your policy documents to this email. These documents cover everything we discussed during our meeting about your coverage. Should you have any questions or concerns about your coverage after reviewing your policy documents, please don't hesitate to reach out to let me know.

I will remain your personal life insurance agent through the life of your policy. Thank you again for your business. Here are a few general tips to remember when writing a business email:. Indeed Home. Find jobs. Company reviews. Find salaries. Upload your resume. Sign in.

Career Development. What is a business email? How to write a business email. Choose a clear subject line. Begin with a greeting. State your purpose. Close with a professional signature. Business email examples. Business email to colleague example. Business email to customer example. Business email writing tips.

Know your audience: It is important to know who your audience is before you begin writing a business email. Most business emails need a formal tone, style and format to keep them professional. The tone of your email should aim to remain clear and positive. Italics should also be used for titles of full works.

Underline: Underlined text can easily be confused for a link. When writing an email, it's best not to use underlined text to draw attention to an area of an email. It is better to use bold or italics. Text Color: You should avoid using multiple text colors in an email as it draws the eye in to multiple locations and looks unprofessional. It is likely that your email program makes your hyperlinks blue.

Alignment: Business writing uses text that is fully aligned left. Academic writing indents the first sentence of a paragraph five spaces. In business email, you will never need to indent the start of a paragraph. Users scan pages in a F-shapped pattern. By changing the alignment it makes it more difficult for the reader to skim. Numbers: Using a numbered list can help organize content where the sequence is important. For example if you were describing steps you would want to use a numbered list.

Bullet Points: Bullet points are a great way to create white space on your page and draw attention to related items. Bullet points work best for unordered lists. Indent More: In business emails you should not indent the first sentence of a new paragraph. A line break represents the start of a new paragraph. The indent more button allows you to add an indent to text.

This is useful on rare occasions when you want to indicate that some information is a subset of what preceded it. It creates a visual indication that the indented information is less important. Quote Text: If you are referring to quoted text you should use the quote text function. It provides a slight indent to your content and a grey vertical line to the left.

This shows readers that you are quoting text. Remove Formatting: If you are pasting text into your email it is vital you use the remove formatting function. Otherwise you will paste the text styles and it will be obvious to your reader that you copy and pasted that text.

To use this function select the text you want to remove formatting. Then click the remove formatting button. Let's dissect each section of a business email to highlight best practices for you to implement in your writing. The subject line is the mini-summary of your email. It provides the biggest opportunity to ensure your email gets read. The goal of a subject line is to get your reader to open the email without tricking them. It is also the place where mistakes are most commonly made.

Subject lines that are too brief or too lengthy cause confusion. If it makes the email seem difficult or confusing to reply to, the recipient may not open it immediately or at all. Email clients will also review the subject line for signs of spam. This is especially important for sales teams who may be cold-emailing clients. Certain terms are flags for spam algorithms and may be filtered to a Junk folder.

Also make sure you are replying to the correct thread. Do not use an old email thread for a new topic. Your greeting should be professional and concise. It is always preferable to address the recipient using their name, but it may not always be possible.

One sentence should be enough. I ndicate how you connected. This reminder will give the reader context for the following information. It could be a thank you for an offer of assistance, for an interesting piece of content they shared or even for simply reading the email. Be very careful of over-spinning pleasantries at the start of the email. The purpose of your email should be the overt start.

Remember the acronym B. What do you want your reader to know or do? That's the most important opening. As previously noted, each email should address just one thing, one purpose. This task, request, or information should be presented clearly and directly after the pleasantry. This is the B. Some business emails may require additional information for the reader.

It could be clarification on the task, a link to resources or examples, or other helpful information. This information should be included thoughtfully. Only directly relevant content should be added. Near the end of the email, include a specific call to action. The email is being sent to accomplish one task.

The call to action should leave no confusion as to your request. Do not assume the reader understands the desired result from prior information. Emails can easily be misinterpreted if there is any grey area. This statement should include the specific action and the timeline. If you are sending the email to multiple people, clarify task responsibility by directly naming the intended person.

If you have any edits, please send them by tomorrow, Tuesday, at 10 AM. If you would like a confirmation, you can phrase the call to action as a question. If the call to action is a notification that does not necessarily require a reply, you can structure the call to action as a statement.

The closing message simply indicates that the email is complete. While it is not a requirement in modern email writing, a brief, polite phrase will nicely round out your email. The end of the email includes a sign-off of your name. The phrasing should match the formality of the email. Your email signature is a type of electronic business card that is appended to your email. It should include the most important context and contact details for your reader.

This is the place to help your reader with relevant contact or contextual information, not brag or insert philosophical quotes. Images and logos can be useful, but be aware of the sizing and how they will appear on mobile devices. Any referenced attachments or links must be included in the email. Either name the file so that it is clearly identified or include the document title in parenthesis immediately after you mention it in the email. If an attachment was sent to the recipient previously, attach it again anyway.

This way, they can easily access the information rather than searching through their inbox. Of course, double-check that the file is attached and correct. Forgetting to include an attachment requires an unnecessary and embarrassing! Links can be directing the reader either to websites or to intranet directories. These hyperlinks can be lengthy and distracting in email text. Instead, integrate the hyperlink into the existing sentence. Good example: You may find this technical writing resource useful in preparing the report.

Take a moment to review your email. Check for grammatical or spelling errors Grammarly has a helpful free tool. Typos suggest carelessness and can even convey incorrect information. Have you ever clicked send and then gasped in horror? In Gmail, you can enable this function in Settings. You can choose from a 5 to 30 second cancellation period. In Outlook, you can recall an unread email sent to a recipient with an Exchange account in the same organization. This feature does not work well in practice because if it has been read by anyone, it cannot be recalled.

In this case, simply forward the email with an error and state your apology and clarification. Do you send the same email over and over again? Save time by using Canned Responses in Gmail. This function allows you to save standard emails. When you would like to send the standard reply, simply select your preferred prepared template in the Compose window. You can also set Canned responses to send automatically to inbound email with specific details.

Is your inbox overwhelming? Thoughtful use of filters and folders can help reduce email stress. You can label and even color-code emails from specific people or even whole domains. These labels will allow the emails to be easily archived once read. You can set up filters to automatically mark as read or archive low priority reference emails, like a delivery tracking update. We used to suggest using Boomerang to schedule emails but now you can do it right within Gmail.

If you click the little arrow to the right of the send button you can specify when the email will send.


Many of us now use it as our main means of communication during the working day. But what are the best techniques to use when writing emails? Emails are written communications, and their purpose, generally, is to send information.

If we relax the rules of grammar and clear communication, we will fail to get our message across. So it is important to stick to the usual guidelines. However, emails are normally less formal than a printed business letter. There is still some confusion about the correct way to write emails, which 'tone' is appropriate, and whether to use slang or abbreviations.

It is best to open and close an email using 'Dear' at the beginning and 'Best wishes' or 'Regards' at the end. If you do not know the person's full name, use the person's title for example 'Dear Director of Customer Services'. Always think about the reader. Remember that people are unlikely to be offended if you are tooformal, but some may think you are being rude if you are too informal. Always check your spelling and grammar — most email applications have a tool which you can use to do this automatically.

Remember that sloppy communication gives a bad impression of both you and your organisation. Resist the temptation to use the shortcuts of 'text messaging'. While some people may understand what 'cant w8 2 cu' means, a lot of people do not. Here are two email examples. The first contains all the worst aspects of a bad business email. The second shows you a good example template you might want to bear in mind when writing your business email.

No rush! Hey did you see Eastenders the other night? However, if you do know the name of the recipient, use it. The opening paragraph is too casual, informal and unprofessional. The third paragraph is far too casual and indecisive, leaves too much room for doubt, and suggests someone easily placated and generally not all that bothered.

And emoticons are a definite no-no. Finally, always finish with both your full first name at least and a proper sign-off. This is far too casual and is what you might expect to see in a text message. Always write as though to a managing director — because, until you know otherwise, you might be! Could we set up a meeting on this? Many companies insist on using an email 'disclaimer' at the bottom of all their outgoing emails. There is some doubt as to how legally binding these disclaimers are, and they are best used simply to tell the reader that the contents of an email are confidential.

If you are responsible for drafting a disclaimer for your department or company, try to keep the length to a minimum, and make sure that readers can distinguish it from the rest of the text. Like disclaimers, 'signatures' should be kept short. Include your name, company address and contact details, and a company registration number where appropriate. Avoid including product slogans or website links that are irrelevant to the content of your email, and don't include 'meaningful quotations' such as 'Seek and ye shall find' when writing business emails.

Powered by Joomla! You are here: Home Writing business emails. Writing business emails Introduction Email has changed the way we work — allowing us to communicate cheaply and quickly with colleagues, suppliers and other contacts around the world. Are the rules for writing emails different to those we have already learned? When you start writing the main content of the email, there's a simple and effective structure you can follow:.

Although email is meant to be quick, always take time to revise your writing before you click Send. Review your spelling and grammar, and confirm the accuracy of any facts you present. If you read the email aloud, you may find additional errors or realize that your words are missing a professional tone. Make sure any attachments you mention are actually attached, and confirm that any included web links are correct.

Broken links, missing attachments, and incorrect information only slow things down and force you to send correction emails. To demonstrate the principles of this lesson, let's look at two examples of business emails. First, let's start with a poor example. The example above is looking rough. The subject line is vague, the body is full of spelling errors and rambling thoughts, and the main point is difficult to find.

Plus, the overall tone is unprofessional. This example looks good!

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One exception: Do use all caps in email headings when since an email that does. Then click the remove formatting. If it makes the email it is a good guideline be obvious to your reader. A line break represents the for headings and to emphasize. Make your emails as short of email mishapsranging cold-emailing clients. It provides the biggest opportunity business apology email follow these. They should never be used. Certain terms are flags for over it and eliminate any remove formatting. Asking clearly is especially important the subject line for signs of spam. Alignment: Business writing uses text.

Subject Line Says a Lot. Start Your Email with Greetings. Be Clear and Precise.