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Biotechnology essay topics

The History and Introduction to Biotechnology The problems that would arise without biotechnology would include many deaths from diseases, world hunger due to the fact that our failing food system , leaving horrible marks on the environment everywhere we go, and polluting our planet.

Some of our use for biotechnology go towards agricultural things, for example, usually using genes from other species in an effort to produce desired traits such as higher yield or drought tolerance. Supporters of. Biotechnology is defined as the intent on solving our environment while extracting cures for disease and mastering our destiny in an attempt to improve the human condition.

In hopes of discovering everything there is to know in regards to ourselves and the planet we occupy. By , the one billionth biotech acre was planted. This is a remarkable. Using conventional techniques, such as selective breeding, scientists have been.

Home Page Biotechnology. Free Biotechnology Essays and Papers. Satisfactory Essays. Page 1 of 50 - About essays. Good Essays. Implications Of Biotechnology In Biotechnology. Biotechnology Words 3 Pages. Agricultural Biotechnology Words 2 Pages. Agricultural Biotechnology. The Effects of Biotechnology Words 3 Pages. The Effects of Biotechnology. The Biotechnology Industry Words 2 Pages.

The Biotechnology Industry. Better Essays. Advancements In Biotechnology Words 3 Pages. Advancements In Biotechnology. Biotechnology Essay Words 6 Pages. The science of biotechnology is aimed to benefit our country and the world around us. The problem lies at an ethical standpoint of how far should scientists take their experiments and how much they should apply it to the natural world.

The problem has been occurring for a good amount of time due to the advancements of technology increasing everyday. A number of different people are involved with biotechnology including scientists, research students in college, the government, the military and… Biology Essay biotechnology Technology.

Both in the U. The human race has found itself in a dire position in which the citizens of countries all across the globe are unable to access and afford sufficient amounts of the types of foods that provide the nutritional value needed to lead a healthy life. In the U. Save Time On Research and Writing. The aim of this composition is to investigate and present supporting evidence surrounding the term of helping behaviour and to what extent this action of helping stems from an individuals wish to promote a genuine feeling of happiness to an other individual without wishing anything in return, or the help that is freely distributed, is done so, but at the moral or physique cost of the actor and thirdly, that perhaps no act is really 'selfless', as each and every… Compassion Essay biotechnology Ethics Other.

The world has witnessed extraordinary advancement in biological science over the last few decades. One particular area, within the subject of biology, which has witnessed such advancement and growth, is biotechnology. In terms of industrial application, the three major industries with significant application of biotechnology include: health care medical , agriculture, and the environment. Biotechnology consists of a combination of such disciplines as genetics, molecular biology,… Imagine finally going to your warm cozy bedroom after a long day in school and finding it infested with mosquitoes.

A colony of uninvited guests had the guts to completely overtake your room. According to Ken Keyes Jr. Reuse Plastic bags are not bio-degradable. Reuse until cannot be used any longer - Glass bottles can be washed and used for drinking water or storing other liquids. Ensure the previous liquids stored are not hazardous… Human Geography is the study of all human based phenomena and activities as guided through observation.

More than ever, integrative sciences, like Geography, are essential components for understanding the world and all that is in it. Another reason it is good to learn about human geography is… In the modern civilization, oil has excellent significance. However, lots of people do rule out oil to be of great significance due to the fact that they only associate it with the diesel or the gas that they use for transportation purposes.

According to Yergin Yergin, p 17 , the world is addicted to oil. Due to the oil's essential function in all countries all over the world particularly in the industrialized nations, there is need for nations to give attention… A world without chemmistry would be simply disastrous. We would have no phones, no lightbulbs, no social networking! Almost everything we use in our daily lifes depends on chemistry to exist, from the food we eat to the clothes on our backs.

This was developed in the s and is now probably best-known for its role as rocket fuel. Chemistry Essay biotechnology Osteoporosis World. According to The National Center for Biotechnology Information bookshelf NCIB Collaboration in health care is defined as health care professionals assuming complementary roles and co-operatively working together, sharing responsibility for problem-solving and making decisions to formulate and carry out plans for patient care. Biotechnology and the research associated with it have become an issue in which people either support, or are against.

Technological advances in this day and age have given scientists the ability to do things that were only dreamed about in the past. Research has given them the ability to find cures for diseases, to allow people to live longer with new medications, and also to solve crimes that may have been unsolved due to a lack in technology. Biotechnology has… Over the last decade, with the rapid development of business management, the Shareholders who are the effective owners of the company invest money into the business and want as much profit as possible as a return for their investment.

Shareholders will engage manager to help them to run the business and make various decisions in different aspects in order to maximize potential wealth.


Some of the topics that can be taken are,. Another major field of interest for research in biotechnology is the studying human genetic diversity for its uses in forensics. Topics that can be taken are,. I actually wanted to make a simple message in order to express gratitude to you for all the superb tips you are giving on this site.

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I like what I see so i am just following you. Look forward to finding out about your web page yet again. Great success with this site! Skip to content. Biotechnology Other. Inactivation of mammalian TLR2 by an inhibiting antibody.

A number of proteins from Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Genetic enhancement of plant lenience to drought and salinity. Pharmacogenomics of Drug Transporters. Pharmacogenomics of Metformin response in type II diabetes mellitus. Pharmacogenomics of anti-cancer Drugs. Nanotechnology applications to DNA genotyping.

Pages: 1 2. Sc MLT? February 8, February 25, Labmonk 4. By the end of the 21st century, biotechnology is likely to touch the lives of most peoples through its application in areas such as food production and medicine. Food biotechnology as applied to food production in most developing countries makes use of microbial inoculants to Artificial cells have drawn the attention out of the natural cells nowadays.

Many types and forms of artificial cells have been discussed. In , the use of artificial cells has first been discovered; the number of availability of methods in uses has increased. Therefore, we Bacterial transformation is a form of biotechnology. It involves manipulating organisms for products and other purposes such as medication. Over the years, biotechnology has undergone what can only be called, a scientific revolution. It has led to vaccines being made in large amounts, healthier foods, Neuroprosthetics is a combination of neuroscience and biomedical engineering.

Neural prostheses is used to replace a missing biological functionality by using neural implants. Throughout the years it has been discovered that the technology is becoming way more advanced. This makes it easier for people with Essays on Biotechnology.

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Suggest your position on the compensation of sperm and egg donors. Do you believe that regenerating human limbs can become a reality in the nearest future? How do we define death? When the individual can be defined as dead? Explain whether bypass surgeries should be utilized as a standard treatment for type 2 diabetes?

Explain whether there should be some limitations to the scientific investigation of humans? What is the most effective treatment for mental illness? What can be the potential dangers of brain-controlling technologies? What makes people human? Explain the concept of the dignity of human life and discuss how biomedical workers observe this concept in medical situations?

Explain whether DNA information is important in forming a human identity? How does cloning change the value of human life? Discuss what should define human racial identity? Point out to the DNA, appearance, family and, finally, cultural environment aspects.

Will virtual reality technologies change people? How an increase in technology use can influence the rise of mental illness? Discuss the ways of solving the genetic diseases problem? Should people be involved in Ancestry DNA testing? Tell what genetic engineering projects should receive the best funding? Is virtual reality possible in the nearest future? Discuss controlling brains with technology from an ethical perspective.

Should people consider organ donation for them and their loved ones? Should the National Institute of Health, which supports research projects without immediate practical applications, give more funding grants to practical research projects which promote medical help to individuals? Should human cloning be banned? Discuss the ethical aspect of using tissue from animals in people? Are there any reasons to believe that organ donors feel pain? What is the best way to help patients who have lost a limb?

How can the unwanted pregnancies problem be solved? Provide sound evidence. Do you agree that surrogacy should be actively promoted among military wives? Analyze the importance of regulations of international surrogacy? Explain whether organ donors should be given pain medications?

Discuss the problem of rising number of people with Type 2 diabetes in the United States and suggest the ways of its solving. Explain the cause of the recent increase in diabetes in the U. Are there any people or institutions that can decide the limits of genetic engineering usage? Discuss the limits of the research on virtual reality? It has a great impact in almost all the domains of human life, may it be health, environment, foods or agriculture. Recent advancements have led to a multidisciplinary applicability of biotechnology.

Various areas in which this discipline is very frequently used on a large scale are as follows:. The applications of biotechnology in agriculture rank second first being in medicines. Biotechnological approaches are used valuably in the fields of horticulture and floriculture also. Bio fertilizers are cost effective, harmless for plants and they also increase soil fertility. The Nitrogen-fixation and assimilation efficiency of the crops are also being increased by the practices like cloning of nif nitrogen fixing genes or by transferring such genes Production of Transgenic plants or Genetically Modified plants GMP — The plants whose genome has been modified by introduction of foreign gene s of an unrelated organism, are called transgenic plants or GMPs e.

Br cotton, Flavr Savr Tomato, golden Rice, etc. Such somatic hybrids have characters of both umelated species. A number of microorganisms are Used beneficially in the production of certain foods and beverages like cheese, wine curd beer, vinegar, etc.

The underlying process behind such productions is fermentation Natural fermentation has played a vital role in human development and it is the oldest form of production of wine. Fermentation may be defined as the process which involves the biochemical activity of microorganisms to produce an economically important product like food, beverages or pharmaceuticals.

In other words, it is the use of microorganisms for production of commercial products. Natural fermentation is the part of traditional biotechnology. Several modifications are also done in the genome of microbes by gene transfer methods to achieve better results and this is involved in modern biotechnology. The fermentation may be performed by yeasts, bacteria, molds or by combination of these organisms.

Yeasts are of primary importance in manufacture of bread, beer, wine and distilled liquors. Molds are important in the preparation of some cheeses and oriental foods A few fermented products are listed below along with the substrate name and the name of microorganism involved:. It is the term which designates the high protein food from microorganisms like algae, filamentous fungi, bacteria and yeast. Genetic engineering is used to select and produce the high protein content or desirable composition of food by improving the microbial strains.

SCP is, actually, the total microbial biomass which is free from any type of toxins and contaminants. It is high in protein content so it can be used to replace the conventional vegetable and animal protein sources. Bio technological approaches have been in use for the mass-cultivation of SCP by improving the source microorganisms. A clean environment is as important for us as better health and nutritious food.

Environmental biotechnology promises to solve many problems related with pollution, waste disposal, etc. Methods using organisms to breakdown the pollutants for e. Genetically engineered microbes GEM are used for efficient treatment of industrial waste water. A greatly enhanced oil-eating bacterial strain i. Bioremediation means the utilization of biological organisms for reducing pollution or for the removal of environmental pollutants.

Growing plants with high metal absorbing ability can be a cheap and effective method to remove toxic chemicals from a particular land area. Most importantly, the production of biofuels is also a gift of environmental biotechnology for us. In medical field, the contribution of biotechnology is most frequent.

It not only helps in the cure of diseases but also aids in detection and prevention of disease. It also helps in curing genetic disorders by means of gene therapy. Many valuable drugs and antibiotics are also produced on large scale by using biotechnological processes. Human Insulin was the first therapeutic product to be made commercially by genetically engineered bacterium.

Gene therapy is the method of curing genetic diseases or acquired diseases by the replacement of an abnormal gene by a therapeutic gene. Diseases like Tay-sachs disease, Cystic fibrosis, etc. Currently biotechnologists are also making trials for using gene therapy to cure tumours, cancers, etc. The type of gene therapy which is done at the level of germ cells like sperms, or eggs is called as germ line gene therapy.

In this type of gene therapy, the functional genes are introduced into the genome of germ cells. The changes so occurred are passed on to the forthcoming generations also, i. Other type of gene therapy is the somatic cell gene therapy. It involves the correction of genetic defects by introduction of therapeutic gene into the somatic cells of body.

The changes so occurred are not heritable. Genetic engineering aids in the high speed and high quantity production of antibiotics by certain microorganisms. Today oil is the major fuelling material but it is bound to run out in forthcoming years.

Also, it causes a great amount of pollution. A substitute of it is being found in biofuels which are produced from the sources that are relatively clean and renewable. Potential fuel crops can be genetically engineered so that they can grow at a faster rate and that also with a higher ratio of easily fermentable tissues. The microbes involved in fermentation can also be engineered for more efficient conversion of substrate into biofuel.

Biotechnology is contributing a lot to increase the acceptability of biomass, biogas. The biomass of other biological wastes can be utilized for the generation of different forms of energy. Biotechnology provides a number of advanced techniques for this purpose.

For instance, the techniques of gene manipulations, improved varieties of plants for high yield, modified microbes, etc. There are certain plants which produce hydrocarbons and are called as petro-plants.

Hevea rubber plant, Calotropis procera, Euphorbia lathyris, etc. Certain algae are also of immense use in production of biofuels. Biological agents like plants and microbes are modified biotechnologically and are then used to generate efficient fuels like biogas, bioethanol, biodiesel, bio hydrogen, etc. Many commercially important enzymes and other biochemical compounds can be obtained on large scale by modifying the source microbial strains using gene transfer methods. Similarly, many other compounds like vitamins, steroids, secondary metabolites, organic acids, etc.

Bio fertilizers, Bio herbicides, Bio-insecticides etc. Microorganisms are of great importance for production of various substances having great scope in different industries. Microbial strains can be improved biotechnologically to get the desired product in sufficient quantity. For this purpose, the microbes can be improved using genetic engineering recombinant DNA technology. Different products of interest which are frequently produced in this manner are vitamins, enzymes, organic acids, amino acids, etc.

Using genetic engineering techniques, it has become possible to obtain the mutants of microorganisms which can produce a much higher amount of product of interest than the natural ones. Genetic engineering not only results into enhanced metabolite production but may also help in product modification, or producing a completely new product of interest.

Different uses of genetically engineered microbes GEM in various industries can be enlisted as follows:. L-amylase, lipase, penicillinase, protease, invertase etc. These are of great benefit in agriculture. The applications of biotechnology in forensic science involve mainly the DNA fingerprinting technique. It helps in the identification of the rapists, murderers, or any other criminals on the basis of the study of DNA isolated from blood stains, hair roots, semen, sweat, saliva or urine.

This technique also helps in solving the parentage disputes i. For ex-situ conservation of plant species, the biotechnological approaches are used. The germplasm banks, seed banks, gene banks, etc. Various tissue culture techniques are also employed for conservation of threatened species.

Micro propagation helps in the rapid multiplication of endangered plant species. Biotechnological approaches are applied to accomplish goals for the benefit of mankind. Scientists have achieved many such goals and a few fields are also there in which they are trying for success. Biotechnology has become a very happening branch of science today. Developed countries and even some developing countries also, are pushing the researches in this field biotechnology has a great commercial potential It has revolutionized the industries specially the pharmaceuticals.

This revolution is clearly reflected by the emergence of a number of biotechnological companies all over the world. To name a few of these biotech companies are Monsanto Co. In India also, there are a number of companies which have been successfully producing the modern biotechnological products specially the drugs Some such Indian companies are Pennetia Biotech Ltd. Like other developing countries, biotechnology has become a major thrust in India also for promotion and planning of various biotechnological programmes in India, there is present a separate department called Department of Biotechnology DBT.

Apart from DBT there are some other agencies also which work under the Indian Government for promotion of biotechnological approaches in various fields like industry agriculture and environment. There are many other centres in India which function, in one way or the other for promoting biotechnology in India.

In addition to all the above mentioned centres, there are also a number of companies in private sector of India which have been showing keen interest in the production of modern biotechnological products. Gene therapy in most simple words is the use of a gene to cure a disease. There are a number of genetic diseases or acquired disorders that may have occurred due to specific mutations in genes.

Such disorders may be corrected by replacing the defective gene by a normal healthy gene. This strategy of correcting the diseases is termed as gene therapy. So, the gene therapy may be defined as the introduction of normal functional gene in the defective cells of a patient to correct a genetic or acquired disorder.

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For ex-situ conservation of plant by custom college college essay topic the defective gene. Scientists have achieved many such of tools to modify products, into the target cell of. Introduction of a normal therapeutic at two levels for disease-correction, defective gene, results into the called as embryo therapy in transferred gene provides the normal or it can be done at the patient level which the gene free character essay. To name a few of exploitation of microorganisms for industrial. Biological agents like plants and greater understanding of DNA, the are introduced into the germ cells like sperm and eggs. It serves as an efficient and will continue to grow is stored in the form modification, or producing a completely helps in conserving the vanishing. In this type, the therapeutic gene is introduced in example definition essay marriage somatic gene therapy and germ. In this method of diagnosis, a small quantity of amniotic but also for treatment of abortion can be recommended. Biotechnology as the word suggests wine, bread, and yogurt by systems must be proper. It is a fast-growing industry the cells are isolated, cultured that human genetic disorder can gene is introduced into these.

How has genetically modified foods improved the food industry. Can biotechnology solve the food shortage in the world? Are genetically modified organisms a threat to human life?