business plan for wine and beer bar

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Business plan for wine and beer bar how to write objective in cv for scholarship

Business plan for wine and beer bar

This is where we come in as below is a wine bar business plan sample that can make writing yours way easier. We have designed our bar in such a way that it meets these requirements. There will also be room for a live band and karaoke weekly. This is would be done so everyone can find their favorite and be exposed to wines of different cultures and origins. It would be the first point of call for celebrities, the rich, and even tourists who venture into New York.

We have our employees made up of a group of people who do not only know their wines but have passion and skill for the business. We would also train our staff regularly so they remain current on the happenings of the wine industry. We hope to become the leading wine bar in Long Island and even in New York, serving standard wines that meet the demands of all our customers. Our mission is to build a wine business that is a pacesetter among all other businesses in the industry. Within the first five years of opening, we will be not only the largest but also the busiest wine bar in New York.

With this in mind, we have set up a business structure that will be made up of a team of people that would be dedicated and customer-centric and have our mission and vision in mind. This is why our business structure just like that in other standard bars will be made up of the following positions:. Are you offering the same beer selection as everyone else on your block?

Are you the only one serving craft cocktails? Keeping track of your competitors allows you to diversify and use your menu as a competitive advantage. A marketing strategy is the section of your business plan that outlines your overall strategy for finding, attracting, and retaining customers. Spell out the type of business entity you will select for the bar, like sole proprietorship, partnership, or LLC.

This is important when filing your tax return, so be sure to speak with a legal consultant when selecting the right business entity for you. A partnership helps alleviate all the work that goes into opening a bar. The downside to partnerships is that partners are legally liable for both their actions and the actions of their partners. Finally, an LLC shields you from personal liability, but the company can never go public. Next you need to lay out the building blocks of your organizational structure.

Who is on your management team and what is your personnel plan? How many bartenders, bar backs, and other staff do you need to get started? This is important to include to give a picture of payroll costs. Finally, outline what technology you need to run your bar. A point of sale allows you to take payments and control your daily operations. Ideally, you want a system that lets you keep tabs open, incorporates tipping, and conducts sales reporting so you can uncover inefficiencies and improve how you run your bar.

Last, talk financials. A financial plan is important to lay out what the sales need to be for the business to be successful. The financial plan section includes bar startup costs and a break-even analysis. Your bar startup costs are the expenses incurred during the process of starting up your business. Startup costs vary depending on the type of bar. For dive bars, seating and real estate or size is your biggest cost. For a cocktail bar, your biggest startup cost is getting the interior design right.

Is it self-funded? Are you looking for investors? Can you take out a small business loan? Then look at how much revenue it takes to break even — to cover all the fixed and variable costs of starting and running your bar. Finally, discuss your profit and loss forecast, what type of cash flow you need, and how you will manage a balance sheet. Include a profit loss analysis, which is a financial statement that summarizes the revenues, costs, and expenses incurred during a specific period of time usually a fiscal quarter or year.

Running a business is no easy feat, but Square is here to help. See how Square works. Back to Town Square. Not sure what that should include? A system that grows with your business.


The Seafood Place is an example of a successful Springfield restaurant. However, it can only offer 60 seats. We can benefit from the Seafood Place clients who may be looking for variety in their dining experience. The Wine Bistro will look to a particular segment of the community for customers. Perhaps our strongest advantage is our location in the business area of Springfield. We will build on the customers that Mr. Roberts has developed over many years in the business.

For new customers our food and service will speak for itself; people will return based on the quality of experience of their first meal at the Wine Bistro. We intend to become a recognized and active participant in the local community. Already, from working and living in the area, Mr. Roberts is well known in the community. The Wine Bistro will build on this and take an active part in promoting the well being of the area by hiring locally trained chefs, graduates from local colleges, and by buying locally.

There is a strong sense of community in Springfield from which we can all benefit. Our position in the market will be entry-level fine dining. The atmosphere will be a casual yet refined atmosphere. People will feel comfortable coming for dinner but they will also feel that they are going somewhere special. Though there will be no dress code, no one will feel overdressed if they decide to dress for a special occasion. In the Springfield area we will lean towards a higher end price.

Though we will be less expensive than LaCosta, we will be positioned in the mid to high-end range. However, customers will be able to taste the value in each dish we serve. We will use only premium ingredients. Food costs will be a third of the price of each plate. We will have a grand opening party to promote the opening of the restaurant.

We will do a direct mailing of 1, names, addresses, and e-mails that Mr. Roberts has collected from previous customers. We will also contact lawyers from offices located around the courthouses, as well as local businesses. The Grand Opening will consist of an open house where people will be invited to visit the restaurant, meet Mr. Roberts, and the chef. During this event, hors d'oeuvres and wine and beer will be served. The owner of the building has committed to doing some advertising for the Grand Opening as well.

Also, as an annual event we will be holding the Big Brothers Gala Event. This gives us a chance to support an important organization, as well as giving the restaurant high exposure in the community. The dinner takes place in late February giving us a boost during the slow season.

This represents an excellent opportunity to open a restaurant in a previously successful location with experienced and seasoned management. Roberts has almost 15 years of experience in the restaurant business. Over the past three years he has been the manager of the award-winning restaurant Rosa's Place. From his many years of experience working in many different establishments he has gained a wealth of knowledge managing a successful restaurant.

The core staff is the manager and the chef. Other staff will be added based on actual customer requirements. The plan below is based on supporting the sales plan forecasted in the previous section. This location has 12, square feet plus another 12, square feet of patio in the summertime. It is an excellent location in the middle of downtown Springfield, close to two courthouses, many office buildings, and other local businesses, as well as two high-end hotels and the farmer's market.

We hope to have the money in place by October 1 so we can open the restaurant by November 1. We will need one month to get things up and started. The owner of the building will waive the rent for the first month. We plan to have the Grand Opening during the second Sunday in November. We will be open for business during the previous week at a lower level. We can use this time to make sure everything is in working order. November 1 is the latest we can open for this year and still benefit from the busy Christmas season.

If there is a delay we will need to wait until next spring to avoid the slow winter season. Projected Balance Sheet. Project Income Statement. Breakeven Analysis. Business Ratios. The page left intentionally blank to accommodate tabular matter following. Income Statement. Operating Expense. Cash Flow. Toggle navigation. Photo by: Natalia Klenova. Mission Statement Our goal at the Wine Bistro is to bring to the Springfield area a restaurant that will provide excellent food and wine at a reasonable price in a comfortable but refined atmosphere.

Roberts Facility: 12, square feet on two floors plus patio in the summertime. Unique Selling Proposition Our first priority is quality and presentation of the food. Strategy Our strategy will rely on the experience and proven track record of Mr.

Regulations We will need a liquor license. Key Market Trends As the baby boom generation continues to age, and their children grow up, baby boomers have more free time and money to go out to dinner. Competition Our direct competitors consist of the following: The Salmon Bar serves nouveau cuisine with low prices but very small portions. They have only been open 8 months but people haven't been very receptive to it. LaCosta is part of a chain of restaurants.

They have reasonable prices and serve reasonable food. They have close to seats in a Mediterranean-style dining room. They offer a fair wine list that is relatively expensive. The food is consistently middle-of-the-road while the service isn't very consistent. The Seafood Place is a well-known restaurant with a good reputation.

It's been in business for 15 years. It's located right downtown. It offers good food at about the same price that we will have. They have a small wine list. They only have 60 seats. Competitive Analysis The Wine Bistro will offer its clients consistently excellent food and service, along with an exceptional wine list.

Marketing Plan The Wine Bistro will look to a particular segment of the community for customers. Market Positioning Our position in the market will be entry-level fine dining. Pricing Strategy In the Springfield area we will lean towards a higher end price. This group cares a bit less about the quality of the beer because they are more price sensitive.

The Competition The Bottlecap has three direct competitors that are all centrally located near the U of O campus. The Bottlecap is able to differentiate itself from these competitors through its emphasis on fine beer. The competitors more accurately targets the college students and their lower price point.

Its second competitive edge is a companion website that was developed as an active feedback mechanism for the customers to express their preference of the beer selection. This allows the customers to have a direct impact on the tap offerings. In addition to giving the customers what they want in terms of beer, it also provides the customer with a feeling of empowerment and a sense that The Bottlecap exists to truly meet their needs. Dashiell worked as a server for two years and then was asked to manage the entire restaurant.

Dashill did this for five years, gaining incredible experience and insight regarding all aspects of running a restaurant, both front-end, customer oriented skills as well as back-end operations. Through school Tyler served in restaurants, but after graduation went to work for AA where he developed an incredible array of financial control skills. The Bottlecap will offer customers a friendly social atmosphere where they can catch up with old friends, meet new ones, and enjoy fine beers.

To create an economically healthy organization that provides a variety of quality beers in a casual and classy environment that appeals to a wide range of customers. Your business plan can look as polished and professional as this sample plan. It's fast and easy, with LivePlan. Don't bother with copy and paste. Get this complete sample business plan as a free text document.

Download for free.

Are you starting your own wine bar business but just have no idea on how to go about the drink business plan?

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Business plan for wine and beer bar The Bottlecap will offer customers a friendly social atmosphere custom mba essay proofreading website uk they can catch up with old friends, meet new ones, and enjoy fine beers. In addition to giving the customers what they want in terms of beer, it also provides the customer with a guidebook on thesis writing of empowerment and a sense that The Bottlecap exists to truly meet their needs. There will be no interruption in coverage. Though there will be no dress code, no one will feel overdressed if they decide to dress for a special occasion. We completed our report onschedule while meeting all of our original objectives as well as any new objectives we had been given. In the summertime, patrons can dine outside in one of two patios—either the all non-smoking patio, or downwind in the coursework admissions lounge. Like Liked.

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