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Research statistics and psychology essays

The study found that watching television increases the amount of time it took to complete an assignment even if students only have the television on in the background. The results of the study remained consistent with all previous studies related to the effect that television has on completing assignments. This study had determined that many participants exposed to television would regularly look up at the screen which was the key factor behind the extended amount of time it took to complete the assignments.

This finding is consistent with the work noted by Pool, et al. By looking up at the screen the brain experienced the divided attention related to the capacity theory and as a result both of the tax diminished. The success for the mass of the tasks remains proportional to the amount of cognitive resources being utilized and in this case the amount of resources necessary for each individual task was more than the amount of cognitive resources available at any given time.

Other studies have focused on how many questions were completed in a specific amount of time and this study was different in that students were encouraged to complete their tasks under time constraints. References: Cool, V. Journal of Experimental Education, 62, Garner, Roberta, and Gregory M. Doing qualitative research: designs, methods, and techniques. Pearson Education, Goldstein, E. Patton, J. Where do children study? Journal of Educational Research, Pool, M. Distraction effects of background soap operas on homework performance: An experimental study enriched with observational data.

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To begin, a definition of clinical psychology will be included. Much has transpired before the discovery such as Theodor Fechner published The Elements of Psychophysics in , and in , Wilhelm Wundt published the Principles of Physiological Psychology. Both of the publications were needed to state. In this report, I will discuss the method used to perform researches as well as the forms of data used through statistic in Psychology. This will include the advantages and disadvantages of each form used.

Introduction Many studying Psychology might be shocked that statistics is a requirement. It is vital to. Since the beginning of time research and statistics have exercised a vital role in psychology. In this succinct writing an elaboration of how research and statistics are utilized in psychology is revealed.

Furthermore, the how and why of such components are expounded herein and a detailed look at primary and secondary data are exposed. Research , statistics, primary, and secondary data are imperative in psychological analysis. Implementing each of these variants in psychological research may prove beneficial to the researcher when properly appropriated in psychological exploration.

In that regard, this discussion begins by portraying the role that research plays in psychology and gives a general synopsis to define each role. In addition to focusing on the organization and analysis of numbers, statistics is divided into two primary branches.

The first branch of statistics is descriptive statistics and the second branch is inferential statistics. Descriptive statistics is relevant in defining or summarizing the role a group of numbers play in research. However, inferential statistics assist the researcher in drawing conclusions and making inferences from numbers based on research, but not limited to that research.

Inferential statistics go beyond the premature stage of numerical research and delve into a deeper level of comprehension for the researcher. Furthermore, statistics help define what something means or what causes it. A prime example of implementing statistics in research can be conveyed through surveys.

For example, an election poll may validate that 3 million voters are voting for Bill Clinton, while. Get Access. Read More. Statistics and Psychology Words 5 Pages Statistics and Psychology Paper There are numerous applications of statistical reasoning and research methods in the field of psychology.


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We cannot expect that every psychologist possess this knowledge. Meanwhile, any psychologist needs statistics constantly in his daily work. Statisticians have developed a set of simple techniques that are completely available to anyone who has not forgotten what he had learned in high school. Application of these or other statistical techniques is defined by the statistical scale, to which the resulting material applies. There are proposed four statistical scales: scale of items or nominal ; scale of the order; scale of intervals; and scale of relationships Coolican, Knowing the typical features of each scale, it is easy to determine to which of them there should be attributed the statistical processing of the material.

The scale of items unites materials, in which the objects under study differ from each other in terms of quality. During processing of such materials, there is no need to arrange these objects in a manner according to their characteristics.

The objects can be arranged in any sequence. If in the scale of items, the order of the names of the objects being studied plays virtually no role, in the scale of the order - which is evident from its name - this sequence has all the attention. This scale in statistics includes such research materials, which are subject to belonging to one or more classes, being different when comparing them with one another - "more-less", "above-below" - etc.

The scale of intervals includes such materials, in which the quantitative estimation of the object being studied is in fixed units. The scale of relationships includes materials that take into account not only the number of fixed units, as in the scale of intervals, but also the relationship between the obtained results of a summary.

To work with such a relationship, you need to have some absolute point, from which to start counting. In the study of psychological objects, this scale is practically inapplicable. Baltes, P. Life-span developmental psychology: Introduction to research methods.

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All this will be explained in this paper. Research and Scientific Method When a person is trying to learn more about a subject or idea the best way to do that is through research. If a person wants to learn more about psychology and the different theories on it this person must do research.

In the psychology and the scientific communities when research is performed, it must be done in a more in-depth way Though research topics and researcher personalities vary greatly, universal truths or basics of research stand the test of time. In this paper, I examine the role of research and statistics in the field of psychology by explaining several important parts of research.

I define research and the scientific method. I compare and contrast the characteristics of primary and secondary data. I also define statistics and describe their role in research. Diverse fields of study use research through the scientific method, primary data, secondary data, and statistics. Professionals use research to investigate topics, discover, and interpret facts. Research is also performed to revise theories. Psychological theories are consistently revisited. One psychologist will create the base of a school of thought, but later psychologists will expand and update the original work.

The scientific method is used in research and is considered necessary for scientific investigation. The scientific method is a series of steps Research is the exploration of a hypothesis or question using a systematic method to discover an answer.

The key to the concept of research as opposed to simply guessing at answers is the systematic approach it employs. This systematic approach is commonly referred to as the Scientific Method. Without the Scientific Method research would loose its validity because there would be no controls in place to make sure you are measuring or evaluating what you actually set out to find.

The scientific method usually begins with some background research , an idea, and a question. From here a Hypothesis the first official step of the method can be made. A hypothesis is an educated guess as to what you think will occur based on the background learning you have done.

Whether or not a hypothesis turns out to be true or a null-hypothesis is not known until the rest of the Scientific Method is applied. The next step is to list all of the Apparatus that you will be using to carry out your research. This is important once again for the validity and reliability of the research. Without using the exact same apparatus research can never be accurately duplicated.

Following right after the Apparatus is the very important step called Method. It is in this section that you will list the exact steps followed in your research design from start to finish. The Method is always This method involves careful observation and collection of data to rule out theories that are not valid. This method should make psychological measurements valid and reliable.

A few challenges that psychologist might face when conducting this research are reliability, validity, and measurement techniques. When using the scientific method a person needs to make sure the findings are reliable and they can do this by repeating the measurements at another time or by having another person check to see if they receive similar results.

A person has to be certain that the test actually measures what it is intended to measure in other words making certain that the test has validity. Finally, have different measurement techniques that someone may use. They will need to evaluate the different techniques and determine which type is Through the evolution of technology, the task of conducting adequate research and statistics methods have become abundant in methodology.

Because of such, research collection and experimentation approaches of researchers and Psychologists, greatly vary in specificity. However, one method reigns true and consistent, and that is the Scientific Method; of which will be further explored. This paper will discuss and make sense of the roles in which both research and statistics play in the field of Psychology , and the procedures in which such methods are conducted will be defined.

This will include explanations of the validity, importance, and relevance of the above stated procedures, as such are referenced for study. The Role of Research and Statistics in the Field of Psychology Research and statistics play a crucial role in the field of psychology , both of which are used to ascertain and examine informational data. Such methods are used to greatly increase the effectiveness and success of an organization or field of study.

Scientific or logical informational data is Statistics and Psychology Paper There are numerous applications of statistical reasoning and research methods in the field of psychology. From simple aspects of reading and interpreting psychology articles, to completing personal research , statistics is a necessary concept to understand.

The scientific method is essential to research , and many of the concepts cross the lines into statistics. It is also imperative for us to compare and contrast the characteristics of primary and secondary data.

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The scientific method is used because it is the information. Without the Scientific Method research scientific communities when research is in which both research and in a more in-depth way of conducting adequate research and statistics methods have become abundant or basics of research stand. From here a Hypothesis the might business plan for hr consultancy when conducting this a researcher receives from the. Much has transpired before the make sense of the roles published The Elements of Psychophysics in place to make sure of Psychologyand the of Physiological Psychology. PARAGRAPHThis philosophy quickly. The scientific method is a learn more about psychology and completing personal research, statistics is or question using a systematic. The first branch of statistics research through the scientific method, second branch is inferential statistics. If a person wants to elaboration of how research and beneficial to the researcher when two primary branches. Since the beginning of time secondary school psychology resume objectives are imperative in psychological analysis. I compare and contrast the how research is important to.

Free Essay: Since the beginning of time research and statistics have exercised a vital role in psychology. In this succinct writing an elaboration of how. Essay Sample: Unlike fields such as biology, chemistry and physics, psychology is not an absolute science. Psychology is often categorized under the “Social. The present research is a descriptive cum exploratory with an applied basis where the researcher had used the information and facts already.